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Add weapon animation sources for aiming and optics mode
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This would be extremely nice to have as it would allow for animated alternative sights or changing the apperance of a sight when you are actually aiming down the sights.

New sources would be similar to current eventhandlers:
isADS - 0/1
opticsMode - index of current optics mode starting with 0.

These changes would be excellent for scopes/attachments too but I think that's a whole other can of worms.

Examples of usage:
Changing the apperance of an aperture sight when looking down it, while maintaing the correct physical side - ie. wider field of view, better representation of how the human eye sees through it. RHS does this already by having an optic attachment be added when aiming.
Alternative iron sights - Night sights, AA sights, a lot of weapons (particularly older ones) have different sights fit to the weapon. This can be handled with the 'zeroing' model source currently but not always fiting


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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