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Health System issues → damage value in MP → «Treat unit» actions not hide after treatment
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  1. The injured player01 uses the "Treat yourself" interaction:
  • player01 exec (getDammage player01;) result→ 0.25
  • player02 exec (getDammage player01;) result→ 0.248031
  • if player02 is treat player01 the results will same

For some reason the damage values are different between player who was injured and other players who requested this value
Same as after getting hit the damage value of player02 will be different in player01 request value. I do not know the severity of the problem of these errors, I think major problem is the following ↓↓↓

  1. Player02 treats Player01 using "Treat unit" action:
  • blood from uniform was deleted, but:
  • after healing, "Treat unit" action still in Player02's Action Menu
  • if Player02 treat Player01 again will no any changes in damage values, but every treat will delete 1 FAK (First Aid Kit) until it's count
  • this treat action never hide until Player01 was treat by medic's MedKit or script heal

see YT video this issue


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. start MP mission with 2 players
  2. hit 1st player
  3. treat him using FAK

result → treat action is still there (you need FAK more than 1 pcs.)

see YT video this issue

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