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[Feature Request] Make it possible to customize a laser sight's laser attributes
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Like we can customize weapon mounted flashlights' attributes in ItemInfo class, I suggest the way for the laser sights as well, so it is possible to make a visible laser sight.

class acc_pointer_IR;
class acc_pointer_Red: acc_pointer_IR
	class ItemInfo: InventoryFlashLightItem_Base_F
		mass = 6;
		class Pointer
			irLaserPos = "laser pos";
			irLaserEnd = "laser dir";
			beamColor[] = {1,0,0};
			dotColor[] = {1,0,0};
			dotSize = 1;
			beamThickness = 1;
			beamMaxLength = -1;
			isIR = 0;
		class FlashLight

Of course I don't know how RV engine works so wouldn't know how hard it is but since we have drawLaser script command, I think this is a feasible idea?


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Windows 10 x64

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dev-branch next week

Please give some feedback for how well this is working.
There is still time to fix issues, but not much.

namenai added a subscriber: namenai.EditedMar 1 2023, 3:29 AM

Is it possible to add a setting to make the laser less opaque I think they would look better if more solid lines, and to have the dot show in day (like show flare in day for reflector class).

edit: I realize I can get the above two but increasing the color, did not think they could go above 1 for the RGB values.

namenai, were you able to get the laser's dot to show up during day time? I haven't had any luck with that.

namenai added a comment.EditedMar 2 2023, 1:48 AM

Yeah so what I did was the following

beamColor[] = {0,0,0};
dotColor[] = {10000,0,0};
dotSize = 2;
beamThickness = 0.25;
beamMaxLength = 3000;
isIR = 0;

I have the beam hidden since the people in my group prefer that, but the dot will show in day now (and edited CfgIRLaserSettings for the range)

Thanks. I had the color value up to 1000 and couldn't see it so I thought I must have missed something. Works now.

Is there any chance this can be updated to include modifying beam thickness and length for IR lasers as well? Code currently only allows you to modify thickness of visible lasers.

This feature is nice, the in-built ability to create visible lasers is very much appreciated.

However, the problem is, modifying the visible laser beam color also modifies its color in IR, so making the beam invisible also makes it invisible in IR.

If we had the ability to control the visible and IR colors of the beam separately, or having the laser beam be visible in IR regardless of the color setting, the problem would be solved.

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