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Staying in vehicles doesn't prevent character and objects in it's clothes from getting wet while raining. (V 1.17)
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As what the title has described, the vehicles in the game provide no protection from raining. I have tested M3S and Ada with all doors and hoods installed and the phenomenon still exist. Everything in the clothes and backpack get wet, soaked, or drenched. Besides, I also find that the Drybag Backpacks and Drysacks do not provide waterproof functionality too, things stored in them still get wet while raining.


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Windows 10 x64
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Just spawn some vehicles and dry bags and change the weather to rain by admin tools.

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Iblin created this task.Fri, May 6, 11:18 AM
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I can confirm. It would be nice if this was actually tied to if you have a door by your seat, or if the windshield or door windows are broken. To make those things more than cosmetic.

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Tested this today (again) on a local server (no mods) and can confirm this bug. client and server both latest version for pc (steam).

Vehicles where fully assembled and you still get wet inside the vehicle. When you put something in waterproof clothes or waterproof bags (backpack or drysack) it normally stays dry. When the player is inside a vehicle, everything inside these "waterproof containers" gets wet.

This bug was also reported on steam with an earlier version of 1.17: bug report on steam