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Last visible menu item in inventory is not selectable (after scroll wheel use)
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This bug seems on the first look random. If you open your inventory and scrolling through your item list and then select one doesn't work. But it is alway the last in list.
For me it is Major because it influences player interaction.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • start VR in Editor
  • create OPFOR Soldier with Katiba (player)
  • create Ifrit
  • start scenario and open inventory of ifrit
  • select your vest and put random different items in vest so that the items list is much longer as visible showed (different smoke grenades for example).
  • hover over list with mouse and scroll by mouse wheel one step down the list
  • try to klick last visible item in list to select -> not possible.
Additional Information

Vanilla Arma 3 1.08
Screen Resolution is 2560x1440

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Wasnt able to repro issue, when i scroll all the way down im still able to click on the last item (see image).
Could you perhaps make a video repro?

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It's not caused by being the last item in the list overall, it's caused by being the item right at the very bottom of the panel. You don't actually need to scroll down to see it, you just need a long enough inventory list to make sure there's an item right at the bottom of the panel.


The green tracer Vermin mag is interactive. The red tracer Vermin mag below it, at the bottom of the panel, displays its tooltip when hovered over but cannot be highlighted or dragged.

Ahh okay, you can actually select the item.
It just takes one more scroll when preferred?

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Was able to repro the issue on our internal build.
We will see what we can do.

For me it is Major because it influences player interaction

The bug is present in 2.06 as well (maybe even earlier) someone will have a look

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Fixed next week dev-branch/profiling

Verified fixed in 2.10.

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