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Infected and headtorches
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As mentioned in T158257, since the HeadTorch item was swapped from the Headgear inventoryslot to Eyewear, it is no longer possible to let infected wear headtorches, which is disappointing for servers that have been doing that ever since it was made possible.

I noted that the mod PvZMod Customisable zombies has enabled the Eyewear slot for infected - but when infected wear headtorches in that slot it doesn't work fully. You can see the headtorch on their heads, but there will be no illumination. However, by editing the headtorch config to allow it to also go into the Headgear slot, it will work as before.

So, it would be nice if the feature was made functional again. Either by enabling the Eyewear slot for infected and configuring it so it works with headtorches like the Headgear slot does, or by simply allowing the headtorch to be put in either slot which would let the previous configuration work as before.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Assign headtorch to infected's "hat" attachments. Previously this would mean they wore lit headtorches, but since 1.15 the headtorches go into inventory instead.

Edit the Headtorch config so it also can go into the Headgear inventory slot and zombies will wear lit headtorches again.

Additional Information

Most elegant solution would of course be to complete the eyewear slot on infected and give it the same functionality with headtorches as the headgear slot has currently. This would also allow the already prepared infected glasses arrays in random presets to be used.

In the meantime I made a mod that lets the headtorch go into both the eye and headwear slot, not as elegant since players can then wear two headtorches simultaneously if they want. Not a major issue, but still...

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Excuse the ping @Geez, but would it be possible to nudge the devs about this issue? I can't imagine it is an insurmountable issue compared to vehicle physics etc.. Using a mod as a workaround works for me, but for console or pc server owners who want to run without mods it is an issue. Also completing configuration of the eyewear slot on infected would allow some of the settings that have been in place in randompresets.xml and spawnabletypes.xml forever to finally see some use!

Cheers, Beav

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No news about this, last touched by @Geez a year ago, it should be a fairly quick issue to resolve?

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No news about this, last touched by @Geez a year ago, it should be a fairly quick issue to resolve?

Pinged the devs again and they will take a look.

Beavis added a comment.Feb 2 2023, 9:58 AM

Thanks Geez, you're a gem!

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Resolved for 1.21 update.