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Vehicle Respawn Module (BIS_fnc_moduleRespawnVehicle) broken Wreck behaviour
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The Vehicle Respawn Module offers three settings for the Wreck attribute: Preserve, Delete and Delete with an explosion.
Out of these, Delete seems to be the only one working properly and somewhat reliably. Sometimes Delete with an explosion works as intended, sometimes it does not (the explosion is often missing); but I could not establish a pattern for that.
The Preserve setting is the most consistent of them all, as it reliably teleports all wrecks to [10, 10, 10], regardless of the preview mode and setting chosen for the Position attribute.
Once one starts mixing SP and MP Editor previews or trying out different Position settings, test results for Delete and Delete with an explosion start to diversify even further (e.g. the wreck explodes and is deleted but the vehicle respawns at the wrong position).

I have not conducted any tests involving a dedicated server, behaviour in that environment might be different yet again.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Repro mission:

Preview this mission, change some of the Vehicle Respawn Module's settings (especially Position and Wreck), observe how it reacts to that and then mix that with restarting the Eden Editor or changing the preview mode from SP to MP.

Additional Information

Version: 2.02.147359

It seems there are more unresolved problems with BIS_fnc_moduleRespawnVehicle (likely caused by the complexity and age of the source code):

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