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Vehicle respawn module "Forced Respawn" doesn't work.
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The "Forced Respawn" option on the vehicle respawn module doesn't work properly. If a vehicle synchronized to a module with forced respawn enabled is destroyed before the forced respawn is triggered, it will never respawn. However, once the forced respawn is triggered, the vehicle's respawn position is moved to its current location. Additional attempts to trigger the forced respawn do not work. {F25835}


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Steps To Reproduce

Editor steps:

  1. Place down a vehicle respawn module, a vehicle, and a trigger.
  2. Synchronize the vehicle to the module, and synchronize the trigger to the module.
  3. Enable "Forced Respawn" on the respawn module, and set the respawn delay to something low. (1 or 2 seconds)
  4. Set the trigger activation to radio alpha (or some other function that can be activated in-game), and set the activation to repeatedly.

In-game steps (without activating the trigger):

  1. Destroy the vehicle (using setDamage 1 or by shooting it).
  2. Wait for the vehicle respawn timer to pass.
  3. Note that the vehicle hasn't respawned.

In-game steps (with activating the trigger):

  1. Activate the trigger, the vehicle will respawn.
  2. Move the vehicle somewhere other than it's initial location.
  3. Attempt to activate the trigger again, and note that the vehicle will not respawn.

In-game steps (moving the vehicle, then activating the trigger):

  1. Move the vehicle from it's initial location.
  2. Activate the trigger, the vehicle will respawn.
  3. Destroy the vehicle, and note that it doesn't not respawn at it's initial location, but at its location when the trigger was activated.
Additional Information

An example mission is provided which helps to detail this issue. It has triggers set up as follows.
Radio Alpha - Triggers the forced respawn for the helicopter.
Radio Bravo - Moves the helicopter from its initial location.
Radio Charlie - Destroys the helicopter.

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