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Vehicle Respawn Module broken after 1.68
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Vehicle Respawn Module is broken after 1.68, vehicles will respawn only once regardless of settings, the wreck remains in place regardless of settings. Tried with modded version and no mod game ("vanilla"), with different vehicles, in editor and dedicated server.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Put a vehicle in editor, synce with vehicle respawn module (any setting), destroy the vehicle. It will respawn only once, then its wreck remains there regardless of settings.

Additional Information

Game version 1.68 Stable Branch

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Thanks for the ticket, issue should be fixed in the next Dev branch update so you can then check if its working correctly.

As far as I could see there are still problems with this module, when destroyed a vehicle respawns correctly, but when abandoned not. It will respawn only once if you use SaMatra's fix described in this topic but the vehicle will not respawn at all if you don't use this fix, because the vehicle results still occupied when ppl dismount the vehicle, disconnect or dies (without Samatra's fix server side). So it seems this issue too is not completely fixed by the hotfix. Tried in dedicated server.

strider added a subscriber: strider.Jun 5 2017, 5:56 PM

Just adding my experience with v1.70.141838

Vehicle Respawn module will only respawn once for an abandoned or disabled (when enabled). It will still respawn when destroyed.

Additionally during the only respawn of an abandoned or disabled vehicle, it respawns without waiting for the respawn delay.

Testing on single player, running mission from Eden editor in Virtual Reality; No mods.

Seen the abandoned vehicle 'respawn once' issue, on a dedicated server. S

Asmodeus added a comment.EditedJul 3 2017, 7:19 PM

Confirming the findings of @strider for Arma 3 version 1.72.142223

Tested with vanilla A3 by placing a playable character, a quad bike and and the Vehicle Respawn module (ModuleRespawnVehicle_F) in the in-game editor and then syncing the quad bike with the respawn module.

Respawn module's "System specific" settings as follows:

Delay 5
Deserted distance 10
Tickets 1000
Expression (empty field)
Position Starting position
Position selection Random
Wreck Delete
Notification Enabled
Forced respawn Disabled
Respawn when disabled Disabled

Testing was done with the in-game editor's Play in Multiplayer (MP) option.

Deserted but not destroyed vehicle respawns only once.
Destroyed vehicle will always respawn even if the vehicle hasn't been "deserted".

Muzzleflash added a subscriber: Muzzleflash.EditedSep 11 2017, 6:37 PM

The problem of vehicles only being desertable once seems to result from an undesirable interaction between lines 183-184:

_getout = _veh getvariable ["BIS_fnc_moduleRespawnVehicle_getout",-1];
if (_getout < 0) then { ....

And lines 382-385

				_newVeh setVariable [_x, _veh getVariable _x];
			forEach allVariables _veh;

When the vehicle is deserted a new one is created, and it gets all variables copied over. However, when the new vehicle is to be configured, it seems like it already has a getOut event handler attached, so there isn't added one.

One fix for this, is to add the following statement after 385:

_newVeh setvariable ["BIS_fnc_moduleRespawnVehicle_getout", nil];

Just like is done for BIS_fnc_moduleRespawnVehicle_mpkilled immediately after.

Should be fixed with the release of 1.76 update, can you confirm?

I'm running 1.76.142872 and it is not fixed. Both the problem and solution (now tested and verified) is like above.

@Muzzleflash I tried the repro steps mentioned by Amontieri and it seem to work, Quad bike respawned after being deserted. Could you perhaps provide your testing setup so I can reproduce it?

Yes, but did it respawn the second time you deserted it?

Anyway here is my repro:

  1. Fire up map (Stratis) place player, and vehicle (empty Prowler).
  2. Create vehicle respawn, only modify deserted distance (my case 30). Sync it to vehicle.
  3. Get in vehicle, get out, teleport/move away (I ALT-Mouseclick to TP)
  4. Vehicle respawns. Get in vehicle drive do it again.
  5. Vehicle does not respawn this time.

@Muzzleflash thanks for the heads up, I did miss that, will take a look into that

Still broken after 1.80. Deserted vehicles respawn only once. Steps as reported before.

Still Broken in 1.94. Deserted vehicles respawn only once. Steps as reported before.

Still broken in 2.0.0 Deserted vehicles respawn only once. Steps as reported before.

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Hi, is this issue still happening?

Yes. Just done a quick test. Will only respawn once if the vehicle is abandoned.

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Yes. Just done a quick test. Will only respawn once if the vehicle is abandoned.


hey everyone, so i just got Arma 3 and i set up a sector control map on Porto, however the vehicles i have set to respawn upon destruction respawn as empty, was wondering if there is a fix for this. I see the previous issues with it, but wanted to know if im not doing something correctly or if im missing something.

For clarification, i have a couple of planes set to respawn mid flight and all they does is fall to the ocean cause they are empty after they respawn, other vehicles respawn as empty as well. I also only have the base game of Arma 3 (my wife got it on sale and doesn't game, but hey, im happy with it).

Next dev update

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