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[Feature Request] New scripting command: setAutoCombatTimout / getAutoCombatTimout
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The engine default is 5 min or so from what i recall with testing - aka how long it takes for a group to switch to their normal behavior after the last engagement (bullets fired or enemies seen?)

The disableAI is very helpful already, but would be useful to also have the option to rely on the engine mechanic but given squads individual behavior time timeout adjustments,

Otherwise one needs to script a system to determine if a squad is in combat and how long since the last engagement.

_group setAutoCombatTimout 10; //10 seconds timeOut
_group setAutoCombatTimout -1; //revert to default behavior

getAutoCombatTimout _group//returns current value


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make two hostile units engage each other (under player command or not doesnt matter)
  2. Notice how they switch to AUTOCOMBAT (icon in command bar, their slow movement, use of cover points, etc)
  3. Notice how it takes ~5 minutes for them to revert to their original behavior again (indicated by the radio "clear" of the GL)
Additional Information

"AUTOCOMBAT" - disables autonomous switching to COMBAT when in danger Available only since Arma 3 v1.56.


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This would greatly benefit so many scenarios where the mission maker might require Ai units to revert back to their NON COMBAT behaviors faster or slower than the hardcoded default 5 minutes.

It would also allow mission makers and moders to customize the time the Ai stays in COMBAT MODE based on certain dynamic conditions like of example on a "Killed" EH, where if a member of the GROUP was killed the GROUP's Auto Combat Timeout would be set higher than 5 minutes because the aggression was very high, whereas with the new Suppression EH we could set that if the Ai was just suppressed the Auto Combat Timeout is only 2 minutes because it was a "minor" aggression etc etc.

Lots of possibilities and potential uses for such feature.

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