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Significant FPS Drop When Shooting Men Near Large Editor Placed Rocks
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Arma 3 Version: 1.98.146373 (Reverified on 2.04.147975)

When shooting (and hitting) man entities near rocks of the classes: "Land_SharpRock_wallV" & "Land_SharpRock_wallH" a significant frame drop will occur.

This seems to be tied to the hit animation in some way, as if units have allowDamage set to false no stuttering will occur, additionally, having a mod such as No Hit Animation installed reduces the likelihood of frame drops.

The distance between the rock and man must be within approximately 50 meters.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Pro 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Steps To Reproduce

  1. Add included mission file to Arma 3 editor missions directory on a VR map
  2. Start Arma 3
  3. Open mission in the editor
  4. Preview scenario in singleplayer
  5. Using the action menu, go to Zone 1
  6. Face North
  7. Shoot one enemy twice (observe for two frame drops each time the man is hit)
  8. Shoot the other man (should observe 1 or no frame drops)
  9. Face South
  10. Alternating between the men, shoot a man once and then the other as many times as possible (observe for 4-6 frame drops)
  11. Using the action menu, go to zone 2 and repeat steps 6 - 10
Additional Information

Video of reproduction steps:

  • The bug appears to happen twice per rock. I say this because you can shoot one man twice if there is one rock and get stuttering, however, after you shoot another AI right next to him after, the stuttering will not be present. You could also shoot each man once and achieve the same result. After moving to a pair of rocks, the same will happen though it appears take four hits for the stuttering to stop.
  • The stuttering happens in all scenario types (singleplayer, multiplayer, dedicated, dedicated with headless client, and in editor).
  • While the frame drop can happen and be noticeable when the man is near one rock, it is particularly bad when it is between two of the rocks (a valley).
  • Confirmed on 4 separate machines and with two installs on each.
  • This happens with all texture (environment) variants of these models.

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Wow, nice find Ansible2!

I wonder if there are other objects which interact with the hit animations that could also cause stutters.

I was about to report a stutter which occurs when the player collides with a world objects such as walls that are not perfectly vertical and even some building ceilings that forces the player unit into the "Freefall" animation.

Anyway I hope this bug is dealt with soon enough.

We have too many causes of stutters and bad performance already so any additional improvements feels monumental for a game such as Arma.

Azeh added a subscriber: Azeh.Aug 11 2021, 11:07 PM