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Magazine loss on reload.
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Magazine will occasionally disappear on reload. Multiplayer only.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home
Steps To Reproduce
  • Start Arma 3
  • Load into a multiplayer game
  • acquire gun with a decent amount of magazines
  • shoot two rounds then reload with another player
  • repeat
Additional Information

reload after only a few rounds.

Video of it happening.

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I have this issue on a multiplayer server I play. Magazines cost in-game currency and this has to be one of the most frustrating issues, that and the naked bug. I'm unsure what causes this issue however it seems to happen more often if not exclusively with non-full magazines. It can also happen when you're moving stuff in and out of a vehicle. I assume the reason this hasn't been fixed or looked into is because you can't reliably reproduce it.

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There are reports that this can also happen when the unit does a gesture partway through a reload. (See: Arma Discord > arma3_feedback_tracker)

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Intressting about it is the mag appears for a moment in the inventory and gets "deleted". Can happen moving mags from the weapon into a container too.

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next perf/dev

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Fixed in Dev build 151825.