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Priority for login queue
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Highly populated servers often have a login queue of over 60 people and thus would like to have some form of control over prioritizing who is getting in first.

A list of priority players, identified by their GUID/SteamID could help, by putting the matching players in front of the queue when they enter the server.
This way admins have an opportunity to get onto their own server without having to wait for all other players in the queue to join.
Quickly reacting on events in-game, is not really possible if one must wait for half an hour until they get to join the server.


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Arkensor created this task.Apr 8 2019, 10:08 PM
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As a server admin of Trumps Wall Servers AND Dystopia DayZ we commonly get over 30 user reports each day some of which we need to take action in-game. Combined we have over 8 Servers to hop between and help users in game most of which have large queue times. It would greatly benefit the overall quality of life not only for us administrators because we would be able to instantly join the server and take care of the issue, but also for the player base because of how much quicker the response time would be. The addition of a GUID based/Steam ID based priority queue for server administrators would be greatly appreciated by the community, and server owners/admins.

I also feel I need to acknowledge donator slots/Donator queues. With the implementation of this system would no doubt open the door for players to buy this priority access into the server of their liking. If the system is added I personally dont see a problem with donator slots but I know some players, and maybe bohemia might. Arma servers have donator slots so I dont see why Bohemia wouldnt allow it but of the off chance that Bohemia has any issue with donator slots/queues on DayZ Standalone Community servers there is always a work around by updating the EULA and shutting down servers that have them.

Thank you for listening to our concerns in the DayZ Discord and opening this ticket

Kind regards

Hollow added a comment.EditedApr 11 2019, 12:53 PM

The original post made via the DayZ Discord:

Hello, I'm the owner of the =OMNICIDAL= Community, we currently have 9 modded servers and at peak times have 700+ players logged in and queues around 60+ My suggestion is for a GUID-based priority within the queues. Donator reasons aside, We need this to achieve level of support we want to give our players. The wait times for an admin to login can get as high as 3 hours. We would be eternally greatful if this feature was added. Thanks for reading this and everything you do!
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As an admin i feel the frustration on a daily basis of seeing help tickets piling up whilst I am stuck in queues. Often these delays result in a player watching his character die in game,when a timely intervention could of helped. This results in players feeling frustrated and taking that frustration out on us. This spoils the players enjoyment of the game,and leads to admin stress, often now I see fellow admins staying away during peak player times to avoid these situations. This would help us increase the players positive experience of DayZ,instead of them leaving with a negative feeling about the game.

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As Owner of both Trumps Wall and Dystopia DayZ Servers and we get a lot of reports(may it be hackers/characters glitched/other issues) that require admins to be in the server to help them. The amount of time my staff and admins spend waiting in the queue (sometimes 60+) is insane. The addition of a GUID based/Steam ID based priority queue for server administrators would be greatly appreciated by the community, and server owners/admins.

Thank you for listening to our concerns in the DayZ Discord and opening this ticket!


As owner of DAYZ USONIA the queues during the day/ weekends are too long to handle. When players need help or if us admin need to be on for any reason we cannot join as queues can be 50+. I would love to see a GUID based priority queue.
Thank you.

Also please fix the modsrequired command, its ruining the game atm!

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As an owner of a populated server I take a lot of responsibility for the players that have any sort of trouble on said server, however when me nor any admin can access our own server due to it being full I find it highly frustrating. If a hacker, glitcher or just someone breaking the rules is ruining it for other and there is no admin on to sort the problem out I personally think that looks bad to the players. Yes some could upgrade there slots but why should we have to? We are a new server and already have a queue at night, I can’t imagine what this is going to feel like in a months time, please sort some sort of priority system out. Thanken you.

Hollow added a comment.Jun 2 2019, 6:00 AM
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As others have said previously, being able to get into your own server, especially during peak hours is really important to ensure that players have a positive experience. At peak hours, if admins aren't already in game, they have to sit in a 30+person queue. This is a big problem. It makes us(server owners, admins, etc.) look bad because the average player doesn't understand that there is currently no way to set queue priority. The average player only sees "admins are inactive and unwilling to help, this server sucks." That's honestly very disappointing when you take into account the potential that there is if this queue system worked. Anyways, that's just my two cents. Thanks!

I believe that adding priority for players based on GUID/Steam64 ID in a file to put them at the front of the queue or into the server regardless of the server cap would be the best route to go for player prioritization in DayZ. Admin's should have priority to get into servers to give assistance to everyone in need / look into cheaters whenever they arise. Just my thoughts on this subject.

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@Geez @rVn
This is quite important, especially when trying to deal with hackers.

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It's happening!

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Waking up to see this as acknowledged gave me the drive to get things done today. Thanks

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this needs to be done ASAP

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jbae added a subscriber: jbae.Jul 1 2019, 5:03 AM

Hi all,

I currently run Scripted, a private DayZ server, that is completely overwhelmed constantly. Our administrators need to be able to get to the beginning of the queue, but also the massive streamer community that plays the server.

This has become a huge necessity for us ten-fold.


Bab.D added a subscriber: Bab.D.Jul 3 2019, 3:22 AM

Please fix this :3

Futro added a subscriber: Futro.Jul 3 2019, 3:24 AM

yo; can you please look into this? this needs to be close to top priority. as it shouldn't even really be something THAT hard to implement. so ya *lights lighter*

DUG admin chiming in, this would be a solution to our current issues with a huge queue. I need to be able to get in and do admin stuff and I'd like our community members to be able to get priority in queue.

would really love to see a stable priority system in which server slots are left open for admins and owners to get into the server quickly.

Nothing yet? This shoud'nt be serious! That's why DayZ is aways behind and don't get the success It could have, Jesus.

Good job team!