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Right click to scope occasionally fires weapon
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Issue that's been ongoing since I've played standalone dayz 1.0, not sure if anyone's experienced it in any older patches.

Sometimes right click to scope fires whatever gun I'm holding.

I've come into fire fights before where I literally cant scope unless I put the gun away, then pull it back out again.

Creates issues like a huge delay In combat, or in other occasions accidentally alerting zombies sending hoards my way when all I wanted to do was use a long range scope to look around.

Worst example now, I've accidentally just killed an ally because of it.

The fact the bug instantly stops when I put the weapon away then pull it back out, should null and void it being a hardware issue.

Can somebody shed some light on this issue?

Devs pls fix asap thank you :)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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It seems random, I cant seem to trigger it, but it always seems to affect me in the worst scenarios.
Has definitly happened every time Ive played for long sittings at some point.

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imDistort created this task.Jan 2 2019, 5:23 PM
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I just had this happen for the first time. I started up DayZ and logged on a server like usual. I was going to aim with my LAR and use the scope when it suddenly fires.
The firing mode was set to Full Auto. I Right Clicked again and immediately the LAR started firing again, without left-clicking.
Then I switched the firing mode to Semi Auto and aimed again, and it worked fine again without firing itself even once.
Experimental Version 1.03.151529

Maybe it has something to do with this line appearing 28 times?
SCRIPT: Random Jam - 0.556251
But I don't know how my rifle could jam if I didn't even fire it once, I only aimed with right-click...

Happened to me many times. I even had the impression it became worse with 1.02. I always had the feeling that it randomly happened when I logged in with my weapon already in the hand, instead of inventory. However, on one moment this bug appeared as well when I logged it while my weapon was initially in the inventory.

V3 added a subscriber: V3.May 18 2019, 5:13 PM

Just happened to me too... (Worse on 1.02).
Devs should look at it seriously.