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After game crash reconnecting to same server results in getting kicked for "Battleeye client not responding"
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Over the past month I've gotten this issue 4 times now on both EUTW servers and on HostileTakeover King Of The Hill servers. What happens is that sometimes when my game crashes, and I then try to reconnect to the server, the reconnecting works fine and I load into the mission, but after about 1-2 minutes I get kicked from the server with the message "Battleeye client not responding". Nothing except a server restart will solve this issue. I've tried waiting several hours, I've tried waiting until the mission reloads, I've tried verifying my game cache. Other servers will work just fine to connect and play on, all except the one I was on when I crashed. I would estimate this happens about 25-50% of the time when I crash.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Play on a multiplayer server.
Have the game crash.
Reconnect to the same server and wait a couple of minutes.

Additional Information

Thread on the EUTW forums discussing the issue with more players reporting the same:

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malow created this task.Feb 9 2018, 5:58 PM
Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Feb 12 2018, 5:14 PM


Thank you for the report. Could you please send us your Arma report? Here is how to do that. Also have you tried contacting the devs of BattlEye? Please let them know that this is also happening, as well.

malow added a comment.Feb 12 2018, 9:58 PM

@Wulf I didn't know BattlEye was developed by someone else, do you have a link on how I would report it to them, or do you mean I should just simply use the "Contact us" on their homepage?

Also how do you want me to produce the report? Maybe something like:

  1. Start the game
  2. Connect to the server that I get kicked from.
  3. Wait a couple of minutes until I get kicked.
  4. Close the game.
  5. Launcher > Options > Prepare Arma 3 Troubleshooting report
Wulf added a comment.Feb 13 2018, 11:06 AM

Yes, unlike popular belief BattlEye is not developed by BI. Yes use the contact function on their homepage.

If indeed the game crashes for you then there should be a pop-up window that helps you create the report or do as mentioned here below.

  • Easiest way to get them is through the Launcher
  • Launcher > Options > Prepare Arma 3 Troubleshooting report
  • Wait for the application to gather the files, then hit Save Report
  • Save the ZIP file somewhere where you will be able to find it
  • Upload the file to your ticket (see below: Creating Ticket)

You can also look up the files yourself:

  • Files that you are looking for: RPT, MDMP, BIDMP (best case scenario is that you have multiple of these in sets of three files with the same timestamp)

They are here > Windows: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Wulf changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Feb 13 2018, 11:06 AM

@Wulf Alright, I've contacted them and linked them here.

As far as I know this issue isn't really related to a specific kind of crash, the game can crash in any way as far as I know for this issue to happen. This issue is related to what happens after the crash, when you start the game again and try to reconnect to the previous server but get kicked due to BattlEye reasons.

But as an example of one kind of crash I've had where I get this issue afterwards: This separate crash issue can be used to find logs for crash example:

Also I've noticed what If I connect to server where game was crashed I get "XXX have modified data files" and don't get message with GUID number. This continues until server reboot.
If I connect to other server I got GUID number message and all works without kicks.

Malcain added a subscriber: Malcain.EditedNov 12 2018, 6:38 AM

@Wulf This is a critical issue, how come is it still not fixed!?
It shouldn't be marked as "more information needed". But I'll try to give some insight:

  1. Changing IP address will resolve the issue and you won't get kicked anymore.
  2. Issue is unrelated to the error you get. It happens whenever your game unexpectably closes/crashes, without any matter on the reason of crash.

Shall I tell all players to change their IP address whenever they get a crash? I hope not.
And yes, it happens on ANY server(I know of) with BattleEye enabled: after the crash, you either have to wait until server restart, or change your IP address. Otherwise you get kicked a few minutes after reconnect.

Bis support shall pay attention to this issue and fix it, as from all the games with BattleEye enabled it happens only in Arma3!
The issue hasn't been here forever, it is a thing of the last year, I don't know exactly what update have broken things, but it was fine before.

varrkan82 added a subscriber: varrkan82.EditedJan 24 2019, 3:41 PM

Can confirm this issue for at least 4 players on my dedicated Debian 9.6 Linux ArmA server v.1.88.

Arma server log

Mathis added a subscriber: Mathis.Jan 27 2019, 8:20 AM

I can confirm. I have several players a day with that issue. BattleEye support either says it's client fault, server owner's fault or Bis's fault. Hope someone can find a workaround (other than change IP)

oukej added a subscriber: oukej.Mar 20 2019, 1:52 PM
Brun added a subscriber: Brun.Jul 17 2019, 2:04 PM

This is still occurring for me regularly, my client freezes during alt tab occasionally and then i get this problem and it does not resolve until the server is restarted. Nothing client-side helps.

disappointing how can this issue still not resolved.