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Mortar gunner animation desync
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On local machine animation will appear fine, on remote machine animation will appear as above


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

client A observes client B getting into a mortar gun

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MDCCLXXVI created this task.May 4 2017, 9:06 AM

From the discussion in feedback tracker channel this seems to happen due to lack of get in\get out animations.

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SaMatra added a comment.EditedWed, Feb 21, 6:01 AM

Okay, here is the repro:

  1. Start attached mission with 2 players
  2. Have either player select action "Move in other player"
  3. Observe this player seeing wrong animation

Reminder that this is not just a mortar problem, lots of modded vehicles that use empty\basic GetInAction\GetOutAction animations and suffer from the same issue. Pictured, unit ends up exposed out of the tank and easily killed from small arms.

This is not a problem of moveInAny either, if you get into mortar while another client is frozen, they'll end up seeing you in such animation too.

looks like gunner animation is not synced immediately. Jip wil see correct animation

it also doesnt happen every time

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