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Game seems to be freezing randomly
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I've been playing alot today and I've convinced many of my friends to switch to Experimental and they all got the same issue

Game seem to freeze randomly for a short period but long enough to get annoying I would estimate approx 2sec of freeze time it seem to be caused by a sound having problem to load.


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Thought there was a ticket on this already but I guess not. Played for an hour tonight and experienced 5 freezing incidents, each lasting around 5 seconds. Log files are attached. CPU usage remains constant during freezing episodes while GPU usage drops to 0 until the game responds again. Freezing incidents occurred at 8:07, 8:23, 8:29, 8:33, and 8:58PM local time. Hopefully you can compare those times with the log files and find something of use.

Similar things happening to me too. Uploaded my DxDiag also.

Freezing was happening to me constantly tonight.

.47 Experimental is freezing randomly a lot for me, as well. Quite annoying.

.47 exp. : Always freezing when I start to play for approx. 15 secs. After that, game randomly freezes.

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I Have the exact same problem.

Can confirm these freezes. Game using between 1.3GB and 2GB of RAM as well

With the Navmesh being implemented now I'd say that around 2GB ram usage is normal.

Same here, happened before update for me but was a much rarer occurrence. (Experimental)

Edit: Realised my GPU (AMD HD 7800) drivers are not up to date, will update and see if issue persists)

Edit 2: No longer freezes when spawning in with drivers updated. Freezes tend to be shorter until I get a freeze that it does not seem to recover from. Uploaded dxdiag.

I have had the same issue, amongst other things....see issue #0013419

Started when I went to Experimental (0.47), however issue persisted when I reverted back to Standalone (0.46).

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Can confirm

Devs statement?! There are tons of freezing reports on exp!

Hello there people,

we are aware of this problem and are currently investigating its cause. Thank you for letting us know about the issues you're experiencing.

Your feedback is, as always, highly appreciated!

Seems I get freezes in pairs, finally killed me today though, came back from a freeze dead.

I have a feeling that its related to pathfinding, three times ive noticed that a new zombie aggro starts and it freezes on me, but does that explain the freezes during login ? like in the please wait / timer screen.

When I join DE 0-1 experimental server my game starts to stutter and freezes till it loses session. Windows resource monitor shows excessive memory usage and memory pagefaults and a lot of I/O reading the pagefile file.

This does not happen on the DayZ SWE 0-2 experimental server for e.g.....

I found what triggers this.
It is the viewdistance and the Texture Memory setting.
When I limit my viewdistance in the dayzprofile file like to 750m. This does not happen. When I increase it to 3000 meters it happens again on some servers. Maybe some servers have different forced viewdistance. My Videomemory is set to 1024 MB in the Videooptions (this could be a other trigger, too) and I have 4 gig ram. The introscreen (where you see your character) is affected by this, too with long loading time freezes.

Edit: Texture memory to auto Triggers this too, even on low Viewdistance.

There is also a smaller freeze happening and your character start to "go forward" when it recovers, this seems to be a different bug from what I describe.
This short freezes is what most people describe here and is unrelated to game settings so far for me. The server seems simply to stop sending information
for some seconds...and the client keeps up later, making you run at insane speed to the location when you keep pressing W for e.g

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Died three times today because of this. It's a real pain, and seems to happen more when moving around (vs sitting around in a small area).

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it would be nice if at least the current game version would be edited, since it is kind of essential. Plus it makes it easier to find new issues on .47

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I have been experiencing the same issue as you, with the long, until-disconnected freezes, low CPU usage, and excessive paging. It just started with this build of experimental. I'm not sure it's the same as this issue, because some of the people reporting here seem to have short freezes.

Please consider posting on this other bug as well:

Does it still happen to any of you since the latest experimental update?

Feedback on 0.47.124594:

The long nasty fixes with session lost do not happen on this build. Great!

However, the short freezes happen very often in larger towns while moving around. Out of town the performance is fluent.
Hit detection on zombies with melee is still bugged.
People with high end PC's should give some feedback, too, because my system is not a new one.

bl4nk added a comment.Jul 19 2014, 5:37 PM

Seems to be better here as well. As vatixerid said, I'm still getting small freezes while maneuvering through larger towns, but my PC isn't high-end as well.

Any movement on this issue Devs or Mods?

Still happening for me....

Feedback on 047.124641

The long freezes are sometimes back, seems to be related by zombies aggroing from very far away. The very frequent short freezes up to 15 seconds) in and near towns like svetlo, novo are still there, quite unplayable with rubberbanding aswell.

When players are near this happens,too even in smaller towns.

  1. August

Today I had no freezes on a experimental server. Looks like it is getting better.

Feedback on 0.48.124699

Short freezes are much less and shorter, seems to be mainly texture loading now.
Hit detection hitting with melee on zombies is better but not anywhere good.

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Some more info, might be helpful:

If the freeze occurs while you walk towards a ledge, you die from fall damage even though you stop walking (while the dead body will be where you froze).

0.49.124857 on exp DayZ UK 0-09. Freezes nearly every minute for several seconds.

Yesterday on Exp 0.49.124860 when the freezes occur, the servers were going to crash or shut down a few minutes after. Fresh server gameplay was fluid... So back to work devs, something gone bad.

Reporting on EXP .... no more long gamefreezes, texture loading is smoothly, better fps in cities.

Server frequently unresponsive with: opening doors, using items, movement and melee on heavy loaded servers.
Overall a much better performance. Still a long way to go :) Thanks for working hard on the core gameplay.

andy added a comment.Oct 21 2014, 11:48 AM

we believe this has been fixed.
If the issue persists, please submit a new ticket.