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Aug 1 2019

WhiteHawk added a comment to T142778: i get this and arma 3 becomes unresponsive.

Aug 1 2019, 3:27 AM · Arma 3
WhiteHawk created T142778: i get this and arma 3 becomes unresponsive.
Aug 1 2019, 3:26 AM · Arma 3

Dec 15 2016

WhiteHawk created T122163: zoom in and out vehicles and scopes.
Dec 15 2016, 3:16 PM · Arma 3

May 10 2016

WhiteHawk added a comment to T94282: Very loud static sound when logging in with loaded guns..

ya since the update, this has started been reported by people on the fourms as well, I also have it, every time i log in, reload with any gun etc i get very loud static sounds in my ear (short burst)

May 10 2016, 7:48 PM · DayZ
WhiteHawk added a comment to T90930: Interesting issue regarding 100k desync *Confirmed Fix in notes*.

I have been unable to play the game for days, i could not open doors, take out weapons etc. yet my desync said 0 but also ping and bandwidth was 0, tryed everything i could think of on my end and nothing worked. I when in game and i removed from my inventory my 3 yellow storage boxes in my backpack and my first aid pack as well as my ammo box. I logged out of server turned off game; started back game when to a new server, and it seemed that was not fixed but WAIT, around 1min later my desync showed up (where before it along with ping was 0) i waited some more and the game went back to normally, ive now played for 40 mins and no problem, jumped servers to test it and still working.
I never have used the glich where you can put boxes etc in other boxes, but it seems by me just having a few full storage boxes, med kit etc in my backpack it caused the bug.

Id check you character see, if you too have ammo box full, and storgae boxes full etc and if so remove them.

I cant say this is the "fix" but it worked for me. So worth looking in to I would think.

May 10 2016, 5:49 PM · DayZ