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Dec 10 2022, 6:08 AM (25 w, 4 d)

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Mar 23 2023

Vespade added a comment to T169970: [Feature Request] Muzzle attachments to effect submunitionConeAngle.

We could simplify it by
submunitionDIrection = lerp(VZero, submunitionDirection, coneAngleFactor)
so the lower coneAngleFactor, the closer to straight ahead the submunition will be spawned, effectively shrinking the cone.. Would that work for you?

Mar 23 2023, 4:28 PM · Arma 3

Dec 10 2022

Vespade created T169291: [Feature Request] Direction Animation Source Compatibility for Weapons.
Dec 10 2022, 6:33 AM · Arma 3