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Aug 31 2023, 5:18 AM (33 w, 5 d)

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Mar 3 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T179637: 1.24 PoX sickness.

Also had this happen to me. Someone was raiding our base and threw a pox nade near me which instantly gave me gas sickness and I started getting cut over and over instantly. Even after being outside of the gas.

Mar 3 2024, 11:33 PM · DayZ Xbox

Feb 16 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T179030: Fence kits and Watchtower Kits .

Easily reproduced by dropping multiple fence kits/watchtower kits while standing In one spot. This is a painful issue as they become unretrievable

Feb 16 2024, 3:05 AM · DayZ PlayStation

Feb 12 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T177051: Purple sunset/sunrise atmosphere.

😂 nothing I said has anything to do with me liking or disliking the colour purple, and much more to do with it being an intended feature which I have no interest in seeing changed and am therefore speaking my opinion the same as the OP has. Again, the data you’re speaking of is from other games with the assumption that they made the same mistake to dayz.

Feb 12 2024, 2:56 AM · DayZ

Feb 10 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T177051: Purple sunset/sunrise atmosphere.

Seems like you’re a bit triggered. If you can’t handle debate then you shouldn’t engage in controversy. Again, your data comes from an entirely different game when you say it’s an error that it’s purple. You don’t think the devs can see the colour when they made this change? It’s a beautiful view. While I can agree not every sunset would realistically be the same colour, that’s the way it works whether it’s purple or orange it will always be the same at sunset if the weather is clear. It’s a skybox not a live video that changes everyday. You’ve never seen a purple sky?

Feb 10 2024, 6:18 PM · DayZ
Osdaeus added a comment to T178828: Old tree bug / glitch.

Not sure what you meant by that, the English was a little broken.

Feb 10 2024, 6:04 PM · DayZ Xbox
Osdaeus created T178995: (Feature Request) - continuous action for gun cleaners .
Feb 10 2024, 5:55 AM · DayZ PlayStation
Osdaeus added a comment to T178828: Old tree bug / glitch.

The only concern I see with trying to fix this is that it would negatively affect base builders if we can’t cut down a tree to make room for fence kits or watchtower kits. Assuming that the hit box to stop a barrel would be the same as a fence kit.

Feb 10 2024, 5:35 AM · DayZ Xbox
Osdaeus added a comment to T177051: Purple sunset/sunrise atmosphere.

You’re stating opinion not facts, and comparing other games with dayz saying they should take the same approach. Purple sky is unrealistic? You’re one google image search away from seeing plenty of HD real images of purple skies. Also while you talk about realism you should keep in mind you’re playing a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game. In my opinion if you guys have nothing more to complain about than the colour of the sky for 10 minutes, then it seems like they’re doing fine. You shouldn’t want the devs wasting time and energy revisiting updates that aren’t an issue and instead allow them to work on things that actually matter like new content, stability, and bug fixes. Again, just my opinion.

Feb 10 2024, 5:13 AM · DayZ

Feb 7 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T177051: Purple sunset/sunrise atmosphere.

I LOVE the look of the pink and purple sky. You guys are complaining about a stunning visual update which I know majority of players absolutely appreciate.

Feb 7 2024, 7:48 PM · DayZ
Osdaeus created T178928: Custom loadout inquiry.
Feb 7 2024, 4:50 PM · DayZ PlayStation

Jan 29 2024

Osdaeus created T178752: Improvised eye patch can’t be repaired..
Jan 29 2024, 7:38 AM · DayZ PlayStation

Jan 26 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T178579: Hatchet can’t be shot while on the ground..

not sure if it’s intended, but combination locks are also always displaying their pristine/worn textures regardless of their state, and like the hatchet they can’t be ruined.

Jan 26 2024, 10:38 AM · DayZ PlayStation

Jan 23 2024

Osdaeus created T178603: Sharpening stone displaying incorrect textures..
Jan 23 2024, 2:11 AM · DayZ PlayStation

Jan 21 2024

Osdaeus created T178579: Hatchet can’t be shot while on the ground..
Jan 21 2024, 9:35 PM · DayZ PlayStation

Jan 19 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T178520: Barrel Hitbox.

I disagree with this feedback as players will use them to stack into bases. It’s already a problem with fireplaces and I believe an intended feature to have their hit box removed.

Jan 19 2024, 10:40 AM · DayZ Xbox

Jan 18 2024

Osdaeus created T178512: item glitch..
Jan 18 2024, 9:46 PM · DayZ PlayStation

Jan 17 2024

Osdaeus added a comment to T178411: New Loadout Settings - Guns Reloading.

Even when it’s not on hotbar, or spawned in hands the issue is the same.

Jan 17 2024, 3:58 AM · DayZ

Oct 7 2023

Osdaeus created T176027: Thanks for the update at zub!.
Oct 7 2023, 5:24 PM · DayZ PlayStation

Aug 31 2023

Osdaeus added a comment to T175062: Assault rifle/M4 ghost magazine bug.

This is a desynchronization issue. The mag is loaded into the gun but doesn’t display so to the client. I believe not enough information was given to determined the core cause of the bug.

Aug 31 2023, 5:25 AM · DayZ PlayStation