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May 11 2016

jarheads0331 added a comment to T109351: Hacker remote remove all items and stuff.

Had this happen to me 3 times since 3/20. seems new Ive never had it happen before and I have 500+ hours in game. Hackers ruining the game "again"

May 11 2016, 4:42 AM · DayZ
jarheads0331 edited Steps To Reproduce on T108529: Game crashes at random. Just before it happens FPS drops almost to nothing..
May 11 2016, 4:14 AM · DayZ
jarheads0331 added a comment to T108469: the instruction at referenced memory at 0x00d03ea6 referenced at memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written..

Same thing with me only it will allow me to play the game for a random amount of time. sometimes 45 minutes. sometimes 3. Wicked Frusterating as I have never had it happen until .54 went stable. see 0022198

May 11 2016, 4:12 AM · DayZ
jarheads0331 added a comment to T108278: The Instruction at 0x004a15d7 referenced memory at 0x724e6000.

pretty much same error here only a couple different numbers. only started happening since .54 "stable." keyword "stable"

May 11 2016, 4:05 AM · DayZ

May 10 2016

jarheads0331 added a comment to T88843: Hackers in game.

have any of you guys had your gear stripped off. or nuked in town? happening to me with tremoundous frequency

May 10 2016, 4:36 PM · DayZ