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Hacker remote remove all items and stuff
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Hello devs,

on the week-end we had it, that a hacker removes all items and clothes from our lifing and fighting characters.
We get it only back because the server-admin has noticed it and makes a emergency restart.


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-Big fight near electro
-Hacker removes all items from your character

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3rd Person, Public, 40er Server, Non-Persistance

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Had this happen to me 3 times since 3/20. seems new Ive never had it happen before and I have 500+ hours in game. Hackers ruining the game "again"

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Same problem, I reported it too, with a video that I link again here in this post, u ll understand what happened to u :

At 1min 07, with full screen, u can see the cheater, he comes like the light, take all and disappear in the same second.

Hello NBPone,

Thanks for putting this to our attention. I'll pass on the information for further investigation and set the status to "private" so that the player in focus does not become victim of harassment until the investigation has come to a conclusion. Also, I'll close the ticket for now since the team will not be able to divulge any information regarding the investigation.