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Gunfire SFX do not play
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I have encountered multiple instances where the gunshot sound effect with weapons do not play. I confirmed this when a friend fired the opening shot (M4A1) during an ambush (25m range) and no audio was heard. Successive shots were heard afterwards. A friend also witnessed the lack of gunfire report when I was firing upon zombies in an empty airfield using a Mosin Nagant. One of the shots were completely silent.


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Difficult to reproduce. One of these instances was on an empty server and the other half full in the forest, the latter being the one that involved the m4a1.

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This bug may be related to the larger bug involving hearing zombie, drinking, eating, and reloading SFX on populated servers (>30 players).

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This bug is hard to reproduce. Some of the gunshots, from all weapons are not played. It is related to all players shooting guns (everybody has same problem). Some shoots are heard only by few people, some by none (only shooter). Distance doesn't matter.

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This happens daily for me and the guys I play with. As stated above, its hard to reproduce it and there is no sign of whats causing it

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Bug still persists in 0.44 and 0.45 (as of 4/28)

critical bug, any updates on this?

I agree, this is game breaking as when fired upon you will never hear the sound of what killed you, we have also noticed that some of my friends hear the shot but I and 1 or 2 others don't, same server.

It makes for the most confusing times I've ever been through in this game. I thought it was the broken leg glitch first until there was a 6 man free for all and all hell broke loose.

Would everyone mind posting what type of server you were playing on when this happened? Hardcore or regular?

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Hardcore here. Friend always hears shots. I Can only hear the crack of a bullet whizzing by, not the gun itself. Reproducing it is very easy for me as I rarely ever hear a gunshot.

Regular for me. It seems I will hear the gunshot roughly 50% of the time, which leads me to believe that it's a directional problem. For ex, you could hear the gunshot if you were standing perpendicular to the weapon, but if standing in front of it you couldn't hear it. Something like that.

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the bug is since the alpha release (2013).. not all gunshots are silent.. but some...

vote up bump.
My squad and I experience this on Ops.
Regular server .46

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I can confirm that flushing does not work as a remedy =(

Have anyone tried turning up audio sources in options?

gives you more ambient noise though..

same here. even with mosin or other weapons. Been shot a few times and could make it out without dying. All i could hear was the bullet impact, but no shot sound.

@Striker235 I've tried literally everything. I wish a dev would acknowledge the issue as I've seen it affecting more than the amount of people that have voted up this ticket. e.g. YouTube videos.

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I can confirm 100% sure that this bug still persists on the v0.47 experimental, in normal servers.

A friend of mine killed a guy with at least 4-5 M4 shots and i din't heard anything being less than 20m from him.

Here you have the proof in a YouTube video from Silo Entertainment. Friend of him kill a guy in minute 04:40 being less than 50m and nothing is heard. Link automatically starts at 03:35

I can't understand how any admin/moderator have acknowledged/reviewed this issue yet.

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Still present in 0.48.

We've addressed a similar issue recently. Please wait for the next update and try reproducing the problem there.


I have tested with many options.

Play with team (1 up to 5 mates) or alone.
Play with external soundcard or onboard.
Raise up or throttle voice sources.
Use alternative drivers.

Nothing works.

@Accolyte Problem is still present

Updated to current version.

Gormzki added a subscriber: Gormzki.May 8 2016, 5:46 PM

Problem still there. 0.49 stable

Friend just got shot point blank range with a shotgun next to me, didn't hear a thing
normal server v0.50 stable

shouldn't this have been fixed by now?

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Confirmed the problem is still there. A friend shooting a SKS next to me and i didnt heard a shot. 0.50 stable.

0.50 and the issue is still there, unchanged.

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The thing that me and my clan mates noticed is that it was somehow tied to inventory not showing. Let me explain.

Edit: it might seem I posted it on the wrong issue at first but continue reading, I know this is about absent gun sound.

Sometimes when you log into a server and for example find a backpack. You look in the backpack and see no items. You pick up the backpack and see that there actually were 4 items in it. Same thing with tents. Sometimes you log back and go t your camp. You see all your tents are empty. The way you fix this is by putting an extra item in it, basically forcing a visual update on the contents. It now shows all items.

The way this translate into guns is that when me and my clanmates are playing, we sometimes cant hear eachothers gunshots, but what really ties to the previous issue, is that we also cannot see eachothers weapon attachments. These weapon attachments are basically in the 'intentory' of the gun. To fix invisible attachments we basically just forced the same visual update by having them take off an attachments and putting it back on. For example a fully equiped mosin with burlap wrap didnt show anything bu8t when my friend took his compensator off it showed it all again. This also fixed the missing gun sound issue for us.

This obviously only works with friends or friendlies as you can't really ask a sniper shooting at you to swap out his attachments. But atleast it's something. I am not 100% sure if all this REALLY ties together but since the problems had so much in common, we deducted that it probably had something to do with sound being tied to a gunmodule not loading properly.

PS: The only way we got it to work on weapons without attachments was to put all our non-attachment weapons on the floor and everyone holding it in their hands so it would update for the rest. seems to be worse than before. .50 3rd person stable

andy added a comment.Nov 12 2014, 11:07 AM

Hi teapot and others,
firstly, thank you all for your feedback!
Secondly, this ticket is quite old, which is why I am going to close it and leave #18245 which describes the same issue open instead.
Please refer to #18245 for further development information or to provide updates on the situation.
Thanks again,