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Unlimited clips
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putting any clip or speedloader inside the yellow protective case can create infinite clips and(or) speedloaders


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put a speedloader or ammo clip inide yellow case, take any gun that uses speedloaders or ammo clips, load the gun manually, shoot and reload with "R" shot again and repeat.
this leaves 1 empty clip inside yellow case and 1 empty clip in backpack.
then u must loggout and loggin again. and voila you have now 2 clips or speedloaders =).
please excuse my poor english

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I have confirmed this is accurate. I was able to reproduce with both an SKS and the .22 pistol. Here are the steps taken to reproduce using SKS but the same rules applied to the .22 pistol:

  1. Put SKS Strip clip in yellow protector case in backpack.
  1. Manually load 1 round in gun.
  1. You do not require any other ammo in inventory but I had extra rounds in my protector case
  1. Fire and reload.
  1. Full strip clip will now be in gun and still have a clip in protector case.
  1. Remove strip clip from gun and place in protector case. (Repeat steps 1 - 4)
NOTE: I noticed that after creating a couple of clips that they were linked to the one in the gun. For example if I ejected ammo from the clip in my gun the two new clips I created also showed 0/10. I reloaded the ammo from spare rounds in my protector case and continued to step 7.
  1. Log off and log back into server (I only used one server I didn't try others)
  1. When you log back in you will be able to move and / or unload ammo from the new clips as they are no longer linked to the one in the gun.

I was able to duplicate this with the .22 pistol as well with the same result. I was unable to reproduce this when I had no clips in the protector case or when I did not have the protector case in my inventory.

I was able to reproduce this 100% of the time.

The Version I am running is stable: Version 0.43116251

This works with all of the pistols as well have tested and works 100% of the time.


thank you for your report. This issue is now scheduled for a fix.

We appreciate your feedback!

Aaand fixed! Please try verifying the fix on next experimental update that comes out.

Thank you!