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Sawn-off shotgun deleted from inventory upon logging in
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I had a shotgun in my hunting backpack across the bottom row with two available rows of slots above it. I logged out to go get something to eat and 30 minutes later I logged back in to find that my shotgun was missing from my hot bar. I checked my backpack, and all of my stuff was rearranged AND moved into the spot where my shotgun used to be. I had the shotgun for about a month and had no problem with it until today. No other items in my inventory seemed effected aside from the rearranging.


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Same thing happened to me twice today. The first time it disappeared from my hunting backpack I noticed it on the ground upon logging in. The second time it disappeared it was just gone for good. Not even lying on the ground. It is bad because at the time this was my only gun that I had. HAD. HAD!

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I too can confirm having a sawed off, stored in a hunting backpack, disappear on me once before; probably noticed it about 10 minutes into traveling after joining a server.

I'll confirm this too.
Twice in the past two days this has happened to me.
I did notice that my inventory had rearranged itself so there wasn't any space for the shotgun. Perhaps this is related?

Happened for me few times. Only happens if I store it in backpack. I think there's a relation between backpack shuffling and shotgun disappearing.

Can confirm this happened to me today. I noticed yesterday that my inventory in my 35 slot backpack had been rearranged but it didn't effect my shotgun. Today, my inventory was rearranged again but this time it did put a bag of rice over where my shotgun was and the shotgun was nowhere to be found.

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Can conirm. Upon log in items in the backpack sometimes get rearranged and if there isn't enough space for all items due to the rearrangement a item will get deleted.

Suggestion: drop the item on the ground where you logged in instead of deleting it. sucks to lose a medkit full of morph and epi.

Confirmed for me as well. Lost a yellow protector case just after the patch.

If I remember correctly the devs already "solved" this issue before, but that was before the shotgun was added in the game. Not sure if this bug still happens with ammo boxes currently, but with shotguns it certainly happens when the game tries to rearrange the items in your backpack when you log in.

Seeing as this issue seems fairly hot, we will conduct an investigation.

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this has happened many times to me, its really frustrating

Good news everyone!

I have been able to finally nail down the root of the problem. The issue is now scheduled for a fix.

We appreciate your feedback!

Same happened to the Amphibia today. But it happened by random.

First Login, shotgun gone. And after logging in a second time an hour later my amphibia was gone.

I haven´t found that issue with the amphibia so I decided to add this note here. I guess it´s related to the same bug.

Accolyte, awesome to hear! Thanks a bunch for the response, it's much appreciated!

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Not sure if this still a priority. Lost 2 shot guns in a day because of the bag shuffling problem

Yes this is still a problem and has not been fixed. Had it happen to myself and a friend yesterday.

Yes has happened to me

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Had the same problem 0.46 EXP - Had a ammo box at the bottom of the hunting backpack. I didnt even noticed until i rewatched my own footage, ammo box got replaced and rearranged by other items in the backpack.

Still having the issue...lost some nice gear due to this bug. Any update regarding this?

Heyo black pearl,

no updates so far. There are currently higher priority issues that require our attention. Sorry

This video by WOBO explains how it happens and how you can avoid it until the DEVs can fix the issue:

The video by WOBO is great, thanks.

If WOBO is right, the devs should make the game so it saves the position of objects in inventory, hence fixing bug# 8070 and killing two birds with one stone.

unfortunately this happened to me today after a server restart and I lost my MP5k after having it for more than 2 weeks. oddly it was not at the bottom of my Mountain bag it was at the top. I had a aks74u on the bottom and a row of ammo separating the MP5k and AKs74u then along the side I had my MP5k magazines and rags. This issue has happened multiple times to me but usually when I have a sawn off in my bag.

@Geez may be close this ticket like obsolete?