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May 11 2016

etowers12 edited Steps To Reproduce on T109194: Persistence unable to store items for full week.
May 11 2016, 4:37 AM · DayZ

May 10 2016

etowers12 added a comment to T95649: Sawn-off shotgun deleted from inventory upon logging in.

unfortunately this happened to me today after a server restart and I lost my MP5k after having it for more than 2 weeks. oddly it was not at the bottom of my Mountain bag it was at the top. I had a aks74u on the bottom and a row of ammo separating the MP5k and AKs74u then along the side I had my MP5k magazines and rags. This issue has happened multiple times to me but usually when I have a sawn off in my bag.

May 10 2016, 8:38 PM · DayZ