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Can not scroll in the inventory with left click, or holding left and drag
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Sometimes, I can not scroll in the game inventory, I click in the scroll bar located in the right of the inventory but it does not work, I have to use it because my mouse wheel is broken. {F28965}


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Just try to scroll holding a left click and dragging the bar, or just try to click in the scroll bar, sometimes it does not work.

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Can confirm, I am unable to scroll down the inventory menu by dragging with the mouse button or clicking on the side 50% of the time.

I am forced to continually reopen the inventory menu until it works.

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I only have a problem with this when trying to scoll while picking items up off the ground. if i'm moving stuff around from one bag to another it works fine. I.E. I try to scroll down while picking up a can of beans I won't be able to scroll. Moving a clip from my pants to my backpack the scroll works fine.


we are aware of this issue and are already working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for future updates on the situation.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Does anyone still experience this particular issue?


It still exists (unless you deployed a hot fix today).

Sometimes when you want to pick sth. up or craft sth. then you can't scroll the opposite tab (Inventory/Vicinity).

Not in all types of actions, but yeah - sometimes you need to scroll the right/left tab before you perform an action as you can't scroll inventory/vicinity when draging an item.

I think it is most likely to occur when you want to combine sth. with items in Inventory not with the Vicinity.

I've tested the issue.

It still exists and seems to be a permanent bug easy to reproduce.

  1. Drop sth. on the ground.
  2. Try to drag it back into Inventory
  3. Try to scroll inventory items -> impossible

You need to have enough Inventory storage items so the list is scrollable.