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Color not coming back after regenerating blood back from blood loss
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So this has happened, every-time i lose blood by either getting sick, getting hit a few times by zombies or just from being low on food/water my screen will go more and more greyscale and harder to see-as usual.
However if i then eat 3.5k+ energy and 3k+ water (which were the values needed to start regenerating blood according to the wiki) the status text will start to say "my wounds look cleaner" and it will continue saying it until it then says i have "fully recovered from my wounds".
i have been constantly eating full cans of food and full canteens of water and refilling them and waiting very long periods for color to come back, and it never does. it looks like the nighttime greyscale effect but even more blurry and worse. It makes it very hard to keep playing like this, at least with nightime you can turn up gamma/brightness but the only cure for this would be to start over. Thanks.


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Felix added a comment.Dec 19 2013, 9:45 PM

Myself and a couple others are in the same boat, we're pretty sure we're all healed up after using disenfectants, antibiotics, saline, painkillers, vitamins and eating and drinking tons. After all of that we should have regained blood and health after a few hours, but the desaturation won't go away.

Is it possible the shock value was cranked up and nothing is bringing it down?

yeah i also tried antibiotics, vitamins and painkillers. haven't been able to try blood-bagging. I always end up getting low blood somehow and then spend ages running around with blurry-greyness doing everything to get color back, then killing myself to try and fix it but it just happens again.
Either running north and running out of food/drink or getting a hit a few times by zombies. its very easy to start losing color dramatically in Standalone. Hope the dev team see's the issue. Its alpha and bugs are guaranteed everywhere, but this is the only one that actually bothers me at all.

Same here, 2 friends and i were gray because of Zombies and differents traumas, then we manage to be well fed, and medicated but we still no regnerating blood, screens still grey.

That's why I'm wondering if the Shock level isn't going back down. The Health and Blood system have been straightforward as was posted in the original.

The opaque part right now is why the de-saturation isn't going away. Without having a means to determine our shock value its hard to rule that out.

Coupled on top of this is some reports that people are losing blood/going unconscious (Which can be caused by high shock value) by wearing masks.

Thanks for the link, but after reading that entire page it still doesn't explain what is currently happening to me. I never even get any status text, because im perfectly fine - i have none of the problems on the website.
going for hours with more than enough energy/water (and definitely not over fed-unless the messaging system itself is bugged and not telling me) my guy hasn't been complaining at all. A lot of the conditions listed are very very easy to avoid.

Are you wearing a mask?

If I had the food and water I'd just leave my character sitting under a tree for a couple hours with gear off to see if it cleared up. Sadly I don't have enough without needing to hunt for more, which won't be doable until later tonight to sit down.

If you've got time, you might be able to test that. Just pull off all your headgear and see what happens.

Yeah i never wear masks or motorcycle helmets - not sure if in the current state they protect you much, but in terms of looks i prefer hat wear. Anyway, the new patch notes that are inc soon -

Fixed - Design: Player blood and health not regenerating naturally

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OOPz added a comment.Dec 20 2013, 10:54 PM

I've got the same, I've kept this guy alive for about 8 hours, the only time I've actually been injured/sick was just after spawning.

Not had any messages other than hungry/thirsty in at least 4 hours (which are immediately fixed as I have a backpack full of canteens and food), but the colours are still desaturated.
Also, when I spawn into a new server everything is blurry, However I have found that if I go to the video settings it immediately clears that.

It's just not yet resetting the 2D filters when you heal up :/.

i can confirm this, i am having the same problem, was shot, got read of shock, bandaged, kept my guy health got the "my wounds are cleaned" message, yet still grey.

I was grey and blurry for awhile. Ate, drank, etc. but still the same. It wasn't till I took some antibiotics that I started to heal/recover and got the message that my wounds were clean. I'm sure the alcohol solution would do the same.

Same here. Got hit to uncons. by a Z.
Bandaged myself up.
Color was "gone" for about 6-7 hours of playing time while
drinking & eating tons of stuff.
Btw: Even if i drink/eat +15 times in a row i never got a message that I'm stuffed. But suddenly today while playing/drinking/eating again color came back veryyyyy slowly.

This problem is driving me nuts. My character is 100% fine and yet the color in my screen is gone. please fix!

Rusk added a subscriber: Rusk.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM
Rusk added a comment.Dec 22 2013, 8:23 PM

Same here. I have not hunger/thirst indicators in my inventory for more than an hour now and still everything is grey. Please look into this!

laplace added a subscriber: laplace.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM

This seems to happen with anything that changes the visual effects, in my case it was starving. My vision got blurred and desaturated as I starved, and even once I had eaten and didn't have any negative statuses, both the desaturation and the blurriness remained.

same! you don't necessarily need to lose blood in order for color to unsaturate

Albrat added a subscriber: Albrat.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM

My God... What we gonna do with it? It's sad.

I have logged 30 hours or so. I run with 5 or 6 others. None of us have experienced greying for no reason. As I have not experience it without cause, I am inclined to think most of you are injured or sick or desperately hungry/thirsty/tired and not aware of it.

As I have not experienced this, I have had to vote this down. I understand that makes me the one, but...

... we felt like it was for no reason at first, but we started to realize it was always related so something.

Rusk added a comment.Dec 23 2013, 2:51 PM

Its well within your rights to hold that kind of opinion and I genuinely hope that you are right but from this moment forward I will record everything. Maybe this is going to settle it in the end. Again hoping you are right. Cause I am proper kitted; dont want to suicide over this!

I posted on the forums about this issue and I got a response saying that you need an absurd amount of food and drink to begin regenerating blood. He said he drank fifteen sodas and was prompted with a "healing" bar underneath where the hunger and thirst bars appear.

Rusk added a comment.Dec 23 2013, 7:21 PM

Just got a saline injection and color was immediately restored!All's well!

Raith added a subscriber: Raith.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM
Raith added a comment.Dec 23 2013, 8:03 PM

This happened to me when I was knocked unconscious. When my friend brought me back I saw grey. I lived with that character for over 10 hours of gameplay afterwards always making sure my food and water were full. I never recovered the ability to see colour.

Solution<<<< @0006280 "Just got a saline injection and color was immediately restored!All's well!" Well, I have the same problem, but the solution seems to be that blood wont regen itself and we need a saline or transfusion. It's quite stupid. Blood should regen, but it's not working.

Blood loss IRL does not make you see in black and white another option would be appreciated. It makes the game unplayable IMO. I do like the blurriness of vision or semi pix elated view that is in atm. but black and white on top of the previous is a little much. Maybe a slowed blinking effect blacking out the screen for 1-2 seconds the amount of time your character closes their eyes at a time is a big indicator to the blood loss etc much like when one slowly passes out would be useable.

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Taking my mask off helped me, but didn't help my friend. We had to saline him to fix it.

Use an IV Saline drip, it restores the colour. This is not a bug.

Atanar added a subscriber: Atanar.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM
Atanar added a comment.Jan 4 2014, 3:09 PM

I have the same problem. I only managed to achive "healing"/"healthy" status once.

I found these two videos EXTREMELY useful.

You'll discover that while blood loss triggers black and white, you also have a hidden "health" value.

Low health triggers blurriness. The second video outlines that the only way to recover health is by natural regeneration. You have to eat and drink ALOT to get and maintain the healing/healthy status. The first video gives more details about regeneration, and how your stats work.

I have switched my vote. Although I do believe that blood loss is always due to something, I have now come to understand that the regen blood function is likely broken. I ran an experiment to see.

First, I was with a group of friends. We were all topped up on health. The picture was beautiful and colourful. So far as any of us could notice, we were all in pristine condition. So, we blood bagged each other. This was supposed to be so we could put our own blood in our packs and use it when we needed it. The plan following was to rummage around and find food and drink and let our blood regen. Our colour had all whited out somewhat, but not all the way. We did log out at that point.

The next time I logged in, I did nothing. I went for a run from Elektro to Stary and back. The server was empty, so no danger. Just zombies. I axed a few of those. No damage taken. When I left Elektro, I was in the condition that I was in after blood bagging. When I arrived in Stary, I found and drank about a dozen sodas and sat around, eating and drinking and resting and looting. Very little running or sprinting, soas to conserve ENERGY required to regen blood.

We then ran back to Elektro. Here I did the same. I found food and water and sodas and ate and drank some. I do not believe that I ate and drank excessively or conservatively. I ate and drank a fair amount. I got up to the new house on the hill on way out of town to the North, where there is a fountain. I stayed there and just drank water and ate some food. I kept going to the back of the house and resting and coming back out to drink. Water was full, food was full. Energy, after all the sodas, food, and rest, should have been full. The time spent in full rest mode, at this house, was likely near to 2 hours of actual in-game time. I definitely think that should have been enough to regen energy, thereby enough to regen health.

All this to top up blood after a precautionary blood bag was consumed. My friend points out that donating a pint of blood at the Red Cross requires naught more than some orange juice and a cookie to recover from. If you even need that!

I sometimes get a little desaturation when running around.
Also have had a couple of times when i lost blood, regenerated, got saline,.. still had a blur on my screen that could only be fixed by looking into the "video settings", just looking inside resets the vision.
Also logging off and relogging after I got my vision back to normal made it go blurry again (looking in the video settings resets it).

dev0 added a subscriber: dev0.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM
dev0 added a comment.Jan 5 2014, 12:16 PM

Please refer everyboody refer to the YouTube videos Toybasher linked (see The health and blood regeneration system works just fine. It is much more complex and harder to understand than in the mod though. The videos linked by Toybasher will explain all of that in detail.

You will need above 3500 energy and 3000 water for at least 20 minutes for regeneration to kick in. For comparison: eating a whole can of beans restores ~ 500 energy and drinking an entire canteen of water restores 1000 water. That's makes the levels you need to reach (and keep!) an equivalent of 7 cans of beans and 3 full canteens of water. Also, your water depletes quickly again and you cannot store a lot of it in your body, so you will need to keep drinking regularly. Refer to the videos for all the details.

As of build 0.35.115188, I've had no problems with color returning on regeneration.


this issue has been fixed some time ago. Colour properly comes back as you are regenerating health.

Thanks for your feedback!