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This is just feedback no bug.

The biggest problem with the public hive solution right now is that people tend to server hop ALOT!

There have been so many times that i have looted typical NWAF and people just log inn right in my face, same room, same building.

This is a huge problem atm imo, but i have no clue how to solve it.

But there must be some kind of solution, the public hive is great and all but this can almost qualify as a game-breaking problem that also existed in the mod.


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This is a pain in the ass to be honest. The game design really encourages serverhopping for the moment. For those of us that like the realism aspect of DayZ this is rather frustrating

Caiden added a subscriber: Caiden.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

Agreed with the note above me, it is really easy to go into a military barrack, loot it, switch server, loot it and keep doing it. And in the end you'll have dozens of ammo and other supplies...

Easy fix: Make any loot within a certain radius of log-in position not render for players that just logged in. This would also encourage more of a raid mentality, making it important to get out of hot zones before logging out. Although, this really shouldn't be addressed this early in development. Being able to quickly get your hands on lots of loot actually makes the bug testing process allot smoother and easier.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

This hopping has 4 sides:

  1. Clan Server = kick.

The ally people have there own server, loot, loot, loot, kick other players from this server and if they have all, they jump onto public server and kill real player and sercher.
If they kick a player, the wait-time starts. Thats bullshit.

  1. Hopper

They come, loot, leave server and loot

  1. Find server for 3 peaple.

We join on a server... long time, we found a server without problems at the connecting, the other would like to join, but the server is full or they do not see any server. So the first person have to disconnect and search a new server.
For three people we need 6 times connecting if all are connected.
And for each disconnect, the wait-time starts also. Most times, we need 30min, until we are ready to play.

  1. Server connection lost (on some days if happens so often and then, the wait time starts also again -.-).
ra91111 added a subscriber: ra91111.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

agreed , login/logout within certain radius from towns , military bases , hot-spots, indoor locations should be disabled . People will have to find a safe place to log out or change the server , maybe in the woods . That will encourage players to stay longer in one server and make it harder and slower to hopp for loot and harrasing players

I think a nice and easy fix for this. That I think Rocket even mentioned in a previous livestream, would be to just add a delay that gets multiplied everytime you switch a server, maybe up to a specific max of 4 hours. So for example: I play on this one server loot everything. Then I try to switch to another one have to wait 1 minute to be allowed to switch. I loot there and try to switch again, this time it is a 2 minute delay... 4 minute... 8 minutes... 16... 32... 64... 128. If that is too slow and allows for too many server hops you can just change the multiplier to x5 or x10, etc. So 1 minute... 5... 25... or 1 minute 10... 100... .

and what happens if you get multile game crashes internet disconnects and all the servers you login are laggy for you , if the timer adds delay every time you log to another server you will ruen the good game play for all the people. There should only be a 30sec delay before you logout to make it really hard to escape fights by logging out .If this is combined with loot location radius logout /login restriction , would Rock

The penalty system needs to be changed.

Firstly, the penalty needs to belonger (10+ min).

Secondly, the countdown should start when you <b><i>login</i></b> to a server, not when you logout from one.

Thirdly, the countdown should restart from "max", when you abort connection and reconnect later, so you cannot "pay by installments".

Right now, a player can simply scavange his favorite place, log out, do some other stuff and after 5 minutes, login to another server and no penalty time is left. This is not effective.

Nothun added a subscriber: Nothun.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

I would find the easiest solution to be having no logout zones. These should be all the Towns/ Airfields/ Bases/ Ships.
Basically this means one cannot logout in loot spawns, only in woods etc...

Furthermore add a 30(?) sec delay before the character is taken off the server upon hitting logout, but during this time, you can still watch your character and intervene if needed. Your character sits down and a timer is displayed till logout. If you hit any(!) key, the logout is canceled.

In the mod loot wasn't immediately rendered if you logged in...
1 Method is to create "danger zones" preventing logout (via same method as the mod) in areas that are considered high risk, that is military bases etc.
Reducing access to military sites would also help, as any pleb with shoes can run into a military base.
If the fences were whole and the sites were locked in some way so that you would maybe need a hacksaw to saw a chained padlock or something.... Anyways I digress.
Danger zones, problem fixed.

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other solution would be to spawn players around towns, bases, etc... something like nearest spawn point from where they logged off, escaping from danger by logging off could be solved by timer -> 30s until U log of because of danger (proximity of other player or AI...)

Server hopping is lame, but it is also a remedy for server with no loot at all. Nothing is lamer than jumping on a server where you can't even find food and clothing.

What happens if it is raining for 90% of your first hour on a new toon? You starve?

Agreed that server hopping is annoying, and kind of against the spirit of the game, but with no respawning loot atm it's almost needed. If a server only resets every 4 hours and you're in the far north starving/dying of thirst, you may need to hop until you find a waterbottle/pipsi/bag of rice it just happens. Once respawning loot goes into effect i think we should see a strict penalty for server hopping, unless it's the same server/a friend in the server. it happened to me the other night where I joined a server, my clansmen said "oh no we're not in the clan server we're in this one." I jumped out and rejoined in that server, bam 300 second wait. Kind of silly since i wasn't really server hopping i was just trying to join my friends. Later on I ran into a server that got stuck on "please wait" so i exited it, and hopped into another one, again 300 second wait.

PvtRyan added a subscriber: PvtRyan.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

I would agree with Snake_Doc
The current limitations of no loot spawning in high(er) value loot locations (i.e. military tents, barns, sheds, deer hide..etc, etc) and that loot is only respawned after server restart makes finding enough equipment to survive very difficult if you have logged into a full(ish) server.
As I have also reported the fact that if kicked from the game for any reason (authentication timeout, game crash, or just connecting to wrong server...list goes on) you will be treated to the same delay in when attempting to connect to a new server as would someone who really was server hopping.
This means the current implementation meant to punishing server hopping tends to punish every player, whether server hopping or not.

I had the idea that once you join a server, you must only use that server until your character dies. Of course, I know this definitely not suitable for many reasons (servers down, friends on another server, etc.) and there's probably a better solution for it.

I think this would be a solution I would want to see to make server hopping for loot or ambush reasons dissappear.

ra91111 wrote 'agreed , login/logout within certain radius from towns , military bases , hot-spots, indoor locations should be disabled . People will have to find a safe place to log out or change the server , maybe in the woods . That will encourage players to stay longer in one server and make it harder and slower to hopp for loot and harrasing players'

My issue with it is that the game gives me the 260 sec respawn after I get lagged out of a server :( Not very cool.

Server hopping is a fundamental mechanic of playing DayZ. I agree with many of the comments in terms of restrictions on it, but it must never leave. If it leaves, the entire game play style changes. We will need a reward system instead of just scrounging for loot.

I hate the timer, I have been bitten by the timer too many times. I do like what happened in the mod; 30 seconds from pushing log out to actually logging out. This does eliminate combat logging, which is what most people are interested in policing. I also support no logging out in towns/near loot spawns. That way, you must travel to the loot spawn and away again. The mod also handled this reasonably; no loot spawned within a radius of you. I don't know what that radius was, but I always felt it could have been larger.

Forcing players to remain solely on one server will not function. In order to maintain a high population on one server, you need to have a much higher population of people associated with it. If you like to play on a 40 man server, you will need to have about 400 people associated with it. Some will log on for an hour here and there. Some for 10 hours every day. Some for an hour every 3 weeks. If you decide to play on that day when everyone else decides to play, you don't get to, because the server is full. Now you have 2 choices. Don't play DayZ or create a new character. Not playing DayZ creates disinterested players and a decline in player base. Creating a new player creates unhappy players which creates a decline in player base.

We want all this benevalence for 'purity' but we must remember that it is a GAME and it is supposed to be FUN. Sometimes realism must give way to FUN in order to maintain the business side.

"One server one life" - will solve this problem.

The best and only way to solve this issue would be to spawn a player who logs off in a building or town outside a certain radius of that town, this has been done in survivor and every time you log in a town you'll be spawned outside that town instead of in, works wonders.

NIKSU added a subscriber: NIKSU.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

Serverhopping sucks

"One server one life" - will solve this problem.

Oh yes, absolutely right. We do NOT need one central hive !


No, not one server. This is more unrealistic.

We talked also about it.
Our answer was: It depends on the time you are on one server.
For example: If you are one hour or longer on a server and you switch the server, you have to wait 99sec. This is okay.
If you want to switch back on a server you were allready on it in the last 15min you have to wait 300sec (little ghost-protection).
If you are under one hour on one server the time could be longer for waiting. The time should be depence on the gaming time you are on one server you were before. 5min gaming, then switching should be a longer waiting time.

But and here is the problem: If the server restarts, you get kicked, the connection is lost... this should not make the waiting time higher.


  • Server restart: no waiting time
  • Kicked: no waiting time
  • connection lost: connect to the same server => 99 sec. (you spawn on the same point, so no ghosting is possible or hopping)
  • connection lost: connect to another Server => higher (here you have to look that the gamer is not deactivate his lan-adapter or dislink the cable for ghosting or hopping)
  • gaming for one+ hour(or 30min or 45min?? The balance must be find) on the server then switch: 99sec
  • gaming for 5min and switch (use disconnect button): 300sec

What are you thinking about?
The game must check what the resone of disconnect it was.

AND! We need a real history list witch is sort by the real date-time. The list now is unsorted or listed by the name. Useless

There is also another problem.

I think this timer at the "wait screen", I think it's client-side!

If so, you can cheat very very easy. Like this you do not need to wait X seconds.
The cheaters do it like this, I think.

Shrimp added a subscriber: Shrimp.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

Well , I propose a quick fix against hopping, Infestation method.
When you try to join a other server, disconnected right inside a police station for example, you are teleported outside of the town in the closest fresh spawn point. In that way , no one can't suddenlty appear inside the town.

Get over it. This isn't a problem considering the delay when you log in and out. If anything the delay in logging in is a problem. Its part of the game and if you can't shoot or knock someone out logging in in front of you then you should probably hang out in Kamenka

FENS added a subscriber: FENS.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM
FENS added a comment.Jul 4 2014, 2:24 PM

The logout delay, as all the other games i played, should be while you are in the server. Like not moving or not shooting for 30 seconds, then the exit option will be available.

I can't imagine asolution for server hopping. Establishing time between changings servers will not solve anything. The problem comes by the fact you can respawn anywhere

Sandman added a subscriber: Sandman.May 8 2016, 2:38 PM

I love that all the servers are connected except for the fact that people use "ghosting" to their advantage. It ruins being in a shoot out. They can just have one or two people switch servers move behind your location, and then log back in and shoot you in the back. Completely ruins large scale battles

A way to solve this could be to spawn players completely elsewhere when changing a server. They could only remain in their position when they reconnect to the same server.

For playing with friends, mabye the devs could find a way to give players the opportunity of a "friendship agreement" that can be suggested to other players who again are able to "accept" it. Then they would be spawned in a different location on a different server but still be together.

What do you guys think?

@Geez hi
Maybe close this ticket as obsolete