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displacement of objects
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fence appears inside of shed?
can't enter building over certain stairs/through certain door?
garbage can in front of door?
objects clipping into each other?
soil clipping into buildings?

post here! {F28591} {F28592} {F28593}


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Hey there joe.

Could you add the location of the shed for us?


damn i forgot to upload the second picture. wait a min

also in the shed on the last house on the right (direction towards Cherno), opposite to balota air field

Cheers man.

Escalated to be fixed.

i keep on posting in here some of these occurenes if you like

also in the small village Bor SE of Windy Mountain (garage_se_windy_mtn.jpg)


displacement of fence (into a shed) in Pogorevka

-[FIXED]-soil inside of house in Pogorevka
both at approx. (044 089)

-[FIXED]-displacement of fence (into a shed) in small homestead near Pogorevka
at approx. (046 090)

displacement issue (shed/fence)
at approx (068 122)

soil in garage
Svetlojarsk at approx (140 022)

-[FIXED]-soil in hangar
on airstrip near Krasnostav approx (120 027)

-[FIXED]-bench clips into shed
Krasnostav (113 30)

corrugated iron fence cuts shed into half
Krasnostav (110 028)

-[FIXED]-garbage can inside of building clipping into bed (dark wooden building)
Krasnostav (108 029)

-[FIXED]-black mountain castle - can't enter the main entrance without vaulting
Black Mountain (102 033)

bench is clipping into building
south of Gvozdno (086 036)

fence is clipping into little shed
(081 037)

Lopatino sign displaced
(026 052)

hay roll floating behind shack (; two hay rolls inside of shack and a rock glitching through both (
(074 036)

rock in the middle of house in solitude of Skalisty Island
(133 120)

bench directly in front of door (tavern/pub) near Krasnostav
(117 031)

-[FIXED]-dark wooden house (housev_1i3) has a floating mailbox (?) inside the building, by the entrance in Gorka
(096 065)

backdoor of green house is too high to overcome, you can't reach it.
(058 113)

long dark wooden building, blue mailbox(?) and garbage bin clip into building/float inside of building
(058 113)

Uhh, any devs? This has been reported almost 6 months ago and still no fix? Also thosr other bugs, like the misplaced fence and soil inside of a house should be fixed

also this #0002284

Kira added a comment.Jun 11 2014, 10:42 AM


Thank you for all these reports. We will be looking into this as soon as possible. Please keep monitoring the issue.

Kira added a comment.Jun 17 2014, 11:33 AM

The following issues has been fixed on our internal servers. Please note that this will not be notable before the next update:

soil inside of house in Pogorevka

displacement of fence (into a shed) in small homestead near Pogorevka

soil in hangar

bench clips into shed, Krasnostav

garbage can inside of building clipping into bed (dark wooden building), Krasnostav

black mountain castle

dark wooden house (housev_1i3) has a floating mailbox (?) inside the building, by the entrance in Gorka

Kira added a comment.Jun 18 2014, 10:19 AM


Floating mailbox and trash bin displacement in Gorka

long dark wooden building in Tulga, garbage bin clips into building (housev_1i3)
(128 108)

In Svetlojarsk, in the Building next (south) to the Police Station, a branch shines into Building in second floor.

138 021

Khelm: woodpile clips into building "housev_1i3" (long wooden building) at
(122 045)

Khelm: kennel is a bit close to the entrance of solitary building at (121 046)

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There's a pack of hay floating in the air at 1 m height outside a farm near devil's castle.

Exact coordinates: 074 036
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Bench is blocking the door of the bar/restaurant/diner south of North-East airfield. (square 120 033 or square 117 031 on DayZ DB map.)

50.125214 experimental

Multiple shacks of the same type have this trash can blocking the entrance to it. It is as if the trashcan has been copy pasted with some other shacks of that type. Here is one of the shacks I have found in Pavlovo. It is inaccessible.
(image also uploaded unto the issue)

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 2:37 PM

Shed in corner of house near well in Mogilevka, v0.50.125369.

dayzru added a subscriber: dayzru.May 8 2016, 2:37 PM

0.51.125504 experimental
The door inside the Svetlo City Hall building does not function and can be walked through. The door at the 1st floor, straight to the right from the stairs.

bin blocking door of housev_1i3 in Drozhino
(033 104)

still some of these open, keep 'em comin'!

related to #22268 and #22270

relation to #25932

relation to #27050 (top of crane floating above its base)

relation to #27048 and #27049, #0027052, #0027053, #0027054

Wouldn't it be easy (or at least not that hard) to just write a script to check the position of all items (and optionally adjust them), instead of asking users to specify the locations of each one of the thousands of misplaced ones?

for item in (haybales trashbins trees stumps bushes ...)

if (item.position.bottom > then
  print "Item $item is floating in the air, fixing it"


Ok, it has to be a check to see if anything else is under it and if the ground is uneven and so on, but you get the idea...

relation to #27055 (rails are "off" in berezino harbor)

can someone help verifying if some of these are still unresolved. i would go and create for each a separate new one.

@Geez hi

May be close this ticket as obsolete?