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Description.ext settings [Suggestions]
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I'd like to see the following additions to the description parameters:

  • min,avg. and max score
  • all settings which are relevant for respawn(vehicles and units) (DONE)
  • garbage collector (wrecks and corpse) (DONE)
  • all revive settings (DONE)
  • disableAI (DONE)
  • disable channels
  • join unassigned
  • force advanced flight model (DONE)
  • task system settings
  • enable team switch
  • show group indicator


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min,avg. and max score

This feature has been discontinued in Arma 3, you can notice it's no longer in the debriefing.

all settings which are relevent for respawn(vehicles and units)

It's already there, in Multiplayer section.

garbage collector (wrecks and corpse)

It's already there, in Garbage Collection section

all revive settings

Revive system is still under development. When it's finished, we'll add its attributes to the editor as well.


It's already there, in Multiplayer section.

disable channels

This one is planned, but because it's an advanced setting, it's not a priority at this moment.

join unassigned

It's already there, in Multiplayer section.

force advanced flight model

It's already there, in Scenario section.

task system settings

Which settings do you mean?

enable team switch

It's already there, in Multiplayer section.

show group indicator

Group indicate is merely a proof of concept, and we don't it to be accessible yet.

Woow that is really helpful. That kind of list would be cool in some small missionmaker tutorial. This should be everything essential for a mission. Maybe add such a small description.ext Tutorial to 3DEN. I mean just this options.

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I am sorry for beeing an idiot, I thought all the options for the description.ext were available in the Senario Section, I completely missed the garbage Collection and multiplayer section...guess I was too hyped.

task system settings

force advanced flight model

It's already there, in Scenario section.

No It's not least I can't find it anywhere

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