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Action menu for AI (press 6) is almost completely useless.
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How should be:

  • all "personal" actions (repairing, haeling, reloading, inventory inspection) should be grouped on the beginning of this menu.

How it is:

  • now there is complete mess. Some actions are on the beginning, some actions are at the end separated with dozens of useless actions like opening some doors. Point me at least one person on the world (it can be even from your team) who can figured out which doors on the list are which doors in the game (the same with guns).

What is the idea of flooding this menu with dozens of useless actions? If i will choose wrong i can send my subordinates to pick up a gun to the other side of island!
I don't know how it works, but there should be hardcoded filter which removes actons further than 100 meters from AI (maybe with some small exceptions). And there should be also filter whish removes multiplication of the same actions (eg. pickup machinegun, pickup machinegun and so one).
I see possibility of make this menu usefull but somebody has to do this at last.


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Kill whole squad of enemy somwhere nearby, select subordinate AI, press '6' and command him to take some specific weapon from dead body. Good luck!

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Totally agree, I hope they fix it. For now you actually dont know wchich doors ai will open (sic!) or where he will use "gear" option. Its sensless, there should be only most usefull commands like heal, repair, gear (where you aim rhight now), plant mine/explosives (again where you aim right now), drop, use flashlight/weapon accesories, and (little off-topic) in section fire - add "fire after me". It would bring more friendly to user commands.

By the way:
If you generate weapons and items, randomly in some houses, leader can select a unit of his group and then in action menu (6) order this unit to take a weapon (or else) even if this unit has no idea of the position of the loot. Just follow the AI and be sure to kill the game.
Any idea to avoid this weird list?

Please BI, do something or explain.

I think they will never fix this. Its still "new" since 24 days. I know there is lot of tickets (sometime created in sensless way, just to BUMP) but its one of most important for me and for lot of other players. Basic function should work like a beast!

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Don't be so sure. Most of my tickets are "new" :)
However recently i've noticed something very interesting.
I've made this ticked: which is "only" acknowledged and in 1.53 i've noticed AI which uses FirstAid!
Back to the topic.
I think this menu will not be fixed as a separate task.
Whole menu system should be replaced and probably somwhere in the future it will happen. But i am not sure if this is near or far future.

I don't know if there are some statistic data for issue status at BI, but how many tickets marked as "resolved" simply because duplicated with another old "new" issue.

I'm mad beacuse tanks are still jumping and cannot reverse (they are reversing only when there are not obstacles around, in cities forget about it). Till the fix it game will be unplayable IMHO, at least they assigned rabbit issues.
But on the topic, This changes will be aplied for some modders on the end i think.

I vote down, because i use the "6" menu, And maybe the order of doable things should be review. But i don't think filters should be add. An exhaustive menu is a strength, And for picking up things you can open the AI's inventory.
For doors opening (which i don't use) you may be right. But you ask for too much modification in a menu I use and like.

and loutralep, do you agree with the list of all weapons on ground to order your AI subordinate to grab one without knowing where they are? (see my post above). Where is the "strength" here, to send a unit anywhere, with no idea of distance, dangerousness and time to be done? Seriously!

I am also curious if you really use more than first "page" of this menu (i don't mention some actions are placed on the last one...) and if yes how you figure out what is what?

There is some action I use and if it's not in the first page I look for them next page.

What is what is according to the distance between object and AI. So if you don't want your team-mate go far away pick the first of the list.

I use the 6 menu for quick inventory of what is on ground.
I use the "pick up (weapon)" order for launcher mostly.
I prefer opening the door my self.
I use a lot the "open inventory" order.
I use some times "drop bag"
I think "sit down" and "salute" are useless but fun.

I'm not saying the way I play is the way it should be. And maybe this menu should be listed differently. But removing option isn't a solution that make me happy.

PiepMGI : Feel free to post a new ticket that only ask for the removal of duplicated "pick up" action. But not "removes multiplication of the same actions". Because some actions as "door opening/closing" or "mine defusing" should appear as much as objects in range. (I don't know the value of the range today, but there is one. Maybe it should be adjust, I can't tell.)

For such a ticket you'll have my support even if I don't think it's a priority.

Yeah i'm sure you are. Specially if rearm order is on the last page. I'm under fire and i need to give command fast, not going through 14 pages of sensless actions. I told you, best way is to create action depend of point there you are actually aiming - you aiming at dead guy - action of "take m16", "rearm", "Gear" shows only once and only about the place where you are aiming (looking at) now. More - action menu should be automaticly updated, beacuse it isnt - is my men is in tank i have in [6] action menu orders like turn out etc, and when he is disembarking (i open action menu while he is disembarking), menu is not actualising, he is standing next to vehicle, and i have still "turn out" action on action list. No doubt, it need change as its 21 century game, we have 2015 year....

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Progress? Someone got dead?