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50-Caliber sniper rifles is not capable destroy the wheel and armored glass.
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I think, that the heavy sniper rifles - M320 LRR rifle and GM6 Lynx rifle is the most powerful hand-weapons in the game. I conducted tests with M320 LRR, shooting at close range into the "Hunter".
To destroy the wheel of a Hunter, it took me 5 hits, to destroy the armored glass I took 13 hits! Lynx has more better result. 3 hit for wheel, and 9 hits for armored glass.

As seems to me, these weapons must destroy the wheel or armored glass in one hit, maximum two-hits for armored glass, especially if the bullet is flying at a distance of several meters.

Rifles of 50-Caliber in the game, should be able to easily penetrate through these targets. Such features, will allow to destroy drivers/wheels and interfere the movement of light-armored vehicles.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place in the map player as sniper(only heavy rifles)
  2. Place in the map "Hunter" (close to you)
  3. Shoot in the wheel or armored glass
  4. Get result.
Additional Information

In the game is very poorly implemented the bullet hits of these heavy rifles in the armored glass. This detail misleads the player.
Initially I ran the test with "Hunter" without a crew. I shot the armored glass and the glass is not broken. I thought the bullet does not penetrate through, because in the game does not exist the texture with hole.

However, the bullet can still penetrate through the armored glass and able even kill the driver, if the player will shoot into the "Hunter", with the crew inside. The player does not see the damaged texture and thus does not understand that the bullet passes through the glass.
We see tests of real life here:
Please note, in the real life, the glass is completely cracked!
Please add this texture if heavy weapon breaks through (but does not destroy completely) armored glass.

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The sniper rifles do not need to destroy the glass / wheels, they are capable of penetrating it, killing the crew behind it, or making the tires flat.
Mraps are build to withstand heavy fire, thus even if the tires are flat, they can drive of with less speed (arma 3 simulates that by pulling to the left/right or limiting the speed), to completely destroy them, you will need more than 1x 0,5cm hole in Them...

Destroying not equal Damaging

Just for information the LRR is a Anti Personal Sniperrifle with a calibre of 10.36mm high velocity mostly ball ammo. That means it only makes holes not more (mostly in people). The Lynx is a Anti Materialrifle with 12.7x100mm ball or apds ammo. The ball ammo is like the LRR but the APDS is more like a HEAT ammo. All this ammos wont burst a composite glass window they will make a big hole in it. The tires will be only destroyed in one shot by the APDS but the are problems with the current damage system of tires in general. And when using APDS i normally shoot at the engine not at the tires its more effective.
You can make holes into the glass, but you will still need multiple shots to completely destroy the glass.
As the mrap is using four wheel drive, and the wheels are more or less just spinning metal and rubber, while the engine is a fragile piece of high tech, where a missing cable is more than enough to disable it.
Here an MaxxPro Mrap after an IED attack, that drove about 2km with only working front wheels, back, wheels were flat due the explosion. Destroyed wheels will keep on spinning, if you catch my drift

Balancing is done quite well by arma 3 (disabling mrap by wheels, engine, or killing the driver and gunner) works quite well

About the wheels. "making the tires flat" - what this, i don`t know/
I think No one wheel is not able to withstand the hit, especially at close range with such a heavy weapon. You offer to shoot into the engine to immobilize the vehicle, but this is unlikely in real life if we are has deal with armored vehicle. I think more real will be to damage the wheel.

About glass.
You say that those guns will only make a hole in the glass, but not destroying it can kill the crew. I did a test, yes this is true! In the A3, the rifle kills the driver, but this detail the game realized very bad, because the glass has no texture of damage! The player doesn't understand that the glass has a hole, It misleads the player, if he performs the test without driver in car. If the bullet punches through the glass, then there must be a hole texture!

Yoshi_E thanks for info.

"You can make holes into the glass"
In the real video example, you saw, that the glass is completely cracked. The game should be this texture, but it isn't.

"but you will still need multiple shots to completely destroy the glass"
but not 13 shots! I think after first hit, required only several shots.

"Balancing is done quite well by arma 3 (disabling mrap by wheels, engine, or killing the driver and gunner) works quite well"

Are you talking about disabling, but I'm talking only about the destruction of the wheel, even if the vehicle will not disabled. I think that the wheel should be destroyed after being hit with heavy weapons.

Well, my opinion is LITTLE diferent, but i can agree with mickeyman in some (most) of points;

  • 12,7mm ammo is designed to break such glass, only thing you need is ammo designed for that (there is firing ammo, armor piercing, HE, and normal ball). For destroying bullet prof glass, you need AP rounds, but glass will stand for at least 3 hits, 5 will make a hole (textures of pierced glass are nicely welcomed, but still not present :/ ).
  • As of wheels thing - there is something that is missed in comments - most of MODERn (in game is 2035, so i think ALL) MRAP's are equipped with wheels that can withstand penetration of the round (with hole). Wheels are very tough, even with pierced tire, you can still ride few kilometers. To complete destroy the wheel you need to empty few magazines, but effect will be disapointed - vehicle will still move. I'm talking how things are in real, bacuse if soldiers have choice, to which part of the vehicle they can shoot (if it is unarmed) - its allways engine or driver - wheels are just waste of ammo - only in civilian cars you can destroy them easly - in MRAPS best way is to hit few AP rounds, then IN SAME PLACE few HE rounds - and that THE ONLY WAY to destroy the TIRE with ANTI-MATERIAL 12,7 mm RIFLE.

This is how armored doors and glass of Humve react for 12,7 AP rounds:

How many downvoted. Before you click Down, use your brain!!!

If game will has such cracked texture with hole -

CRAZY NONSENSE! Just use your brains

No rage pls. The idea is not bad but requires much work for a little bit fancy graphics effects. I dont know what priority BI will gibe it but dont expect too much.

"No rage pls"

My friend no nothing rage:) My CAPITALS only for attention

"The idea is not bad but requires much work for a little bit fancy graphics effects. I dont know what priority BI will gibe it but dont expect too much"

Your downvoted voiсes can aggravate and without that faint hope

Lets take the Hunter for example, based on the real life M-ATV, a Medium All Terrain MRAP, capable of withstanding a blast from medium Anti Armor Mines and IED's, and surviving. The MRAP is well, exactly what it is. A "Mine Resistant Ambush Proof" Vehicle. It's designed to take a hit, and not just one. It can take a whole beating. In fact, the wheels on most MRAP's are a certain kind of design, meant to mitigate the possibility of being destroyed, even by a .50 Cal, and a number of hits. In reality, it wouldn't destroy the wheels, but rather damage the crap out of them, make it more Swiss cheese. The glass on the other hand, on an M-ATV? Super think. That stuff is thicker than my house's front door. But anyhow, what we have so far is decent. It will take accuracy and repetitive fire to disable an MRAP. Just be glad it's not too realistic, else you'd have MRAP's with a flat tire still driving away from you.