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wind command does not return correct values
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I recently noticed that the "wind" command does not return the correct values, which were set with the "setWind" command. This happened on a dedicated server.

I afterwards checked the behaviour in the editor, and everything seemed alright.
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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join a server
  2. use "setWind" command
  3. type "wind" into one of the watch fields
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Quote from the BI Forum

ceeeb, on 20 Aug 2015 - 00:27, said:

    Similar things can happen in the SP mission editor, it may not a MP specific problem.
    In SP mission editor:
    If wind is set to auto in mission intel, wind return vector can vary (but stays close to the desired wind vector). Maybe caused by gusts?
    If wind is set to manual in the mission intel, the wind return vector after using setWind (with forced true flag) matches.

    It seems something changed with setWind commands recently? I did some testing a couple of weeks ago with different results.

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Adam added a comment.Aug 20 2015, 12:54 PM

The setwind command takes a lot of time before taking effect. Can you please confirm? Thanks.

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Hey Adam,
I did some further testing, and I've uploaded my results and the used script.

It works fine in singleplayer (sometimes not 100% reliably), but it stops on a dedicated server at some point.