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AI seeing and shooting through vegetation and smoke.
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So I was just playing the campaign mission ''Signal Lost'' on regular difficulty. And I must say it was a horrible experience. The AI was spotting me and engaging me through trees and bushes. So I had no idea where I was getting shot from. Another thing that happened was that I got spotted by an AI, he started shooting at me. I had no cover so I tried my best to shoot back. But he threw a smoke grenade 1 or 2 meters in front of him so I couldn't see him at all. I decided to move a bit to the right but he somehow kept tracking and shooting me. I eventually saw him as the smoke started to disappear and I killed him. But only one or two seconds later I was killed by another AI who was clearly out of my line of sight on the other side of a bush. This makes playing the campaign a really bad and un-immersive experience. And I cannot imagine how much worse this would be on the new jungle map Tanoa.


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Play the campaign mission ''Signal Lost''.

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Thats why i think Tanoa is worst thing and biggest mistake from BIS. It will be simply unplayable. Bug reviewed and not fixed. Great....

Further more, It seems you can't fire through some bushes and little trees. Have a thermal vision, fire at enemy behind a bush. Sometimes, you can see impacts on some bushes like on a wall, and there is no chance to kill someone with a standard caliber, without hitting a discovered part of the body.

yes they can see through bushes and trees...

Two problems:

  • iron bushes;
  • AI looking at targets through vegetation/smoke.

Not sure to understand why this is tagged as "WhishList" and severity "none"!
It's something to be corrected on priority far higher than any "DLC".

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