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Sounds of flying-by bullets
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Bullets that fly-by or near you should be heard. I don't mean sonic cracks, but the flight of projectile itself. You can hear it in every movie and game except ArmA. I don't know If It's realistic as I never was fired at with real gun so I don't have any idea how is it in real life so correct me If I'm wrong.


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There are videos of some Discovery Channel documentations covering this question. Yes you hear the bullet flying by but the time difference to the crack are so small that you wont really recognize it. Other thing is the asp kir.

This feature is already in game

Really? I've never had noticed that. Do you have any video proof?

but the sonic crack is the sound of the projectile in flight, due to the pressure waves being compressed to the point of a really high pitched crack, tick, or snap etc... sound.
The speed, size & mass of the projectile all play a part in the audible frequency produced.

whooshing and whizzing sounds will occure as the projectile slows (eg... after a ricochet) allowing the pressure waves to become less frequent.

if we copy the movies and games ARMA 3 sound would be unrealistic.

Ticket ready to close (and its houndret copy of before tickets). This is real as could be for now, i hope they will not change anything in this matter, @Snipedhunter - sounds wchich you described exist only when bullet fly very long target, and then slow down, missing you with very low speed. Call Of Duty, Medal Of Honor, HollyWood productions are made to chill out, ArmA is game, where you are up to feel, like on real battlefields. Real battlefields mean scary, shoc, even jump when they fire to you and you will hear it quite loud, so you can feel the pression. Otherwise game would be good for few hours - then uninstall. Besides that, its very realistic.

Already in game. Bullet needs to be in subsonic speed to hear it. Otherwise you will her supersonic crack..


@strangere im not szre but this seems to be a mod. ShacTac rarely play vanilla.

No, ShackTac is playing Arma 3 with vanila sounds. Just ask Dslyecxi. No mods. For reference i will post another video where he explains some things like supersonic crack. Also i ma really confused how can anyone confused vanilla sound with modded do people even play Arma 3, do they know that sounds got updated after marksman DLC? Supersonic crack and subsonic sound of fly by bullet is in engine, using weapons that aren't part of vanilla content does not change vanilla sounds. Yes, they will add sound for those weapons that were added, but weapons don't determine the sound of stuff like supersonic crack, that is determined by something else which can be changed with sound mods but ShackTac isn't using one. - watch the whole video

Snipedhunter, you realize that Hollywood action movies and typical first person shooters (which take a huge amount of their visual and sound design from action movies) are a really crappy reference source right? Even a movie that's trying to be somewhat grounded is going to take liberties for dramatic effect or to communicate something to the audience. Every bullet producing a dramatic whoosh regardless of range is one of those liberties.

At normal fighting ranges the sound of the bullet moving through is far exceeded in volume by the supersonic crack of the bullet. The only exceptions to the rule are naturally slow and heavy rounds such as the .45, subsonic ammunition with reduced powder loads designed for use with a suppressor, or supersonic rounds that have traveled far enough to go below the speed of sound.