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Vehicles (specifically Air Vehicles) crosshairs CAN NOT be turned off.
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When piloting or gunning in any armed vehicle, the crosshair is forced upon the player which in turn kills immersion. This has been a problem that has plagued A3 since Alpha/Beta/Launch/Now and I would guess that it SHOULD be a fairly easy fix; a simple on/off switch for that portion of code.

If you REALLY want to see how annoying it is then go into editor, go to a heavily wooded/crowded urban area, put down multiple armor/infantry/vehicles units, then suit up in the Wipeout and try to get them. You'll immediately notice the crosshair RUINS the point of having any remote amount of in-vehicle HUD. Honestly, the fact that I haven't seen any other tickets on this is baffling considering I, along with hundreds of others, have expressed outrage that this simple problem has kept them from multiple kills.

I don't mean to rant, it's just a pretty annoying problem that hasn't been fixed that's plagued me since the beginning of the game.

Thank you, Jason. {F26499}


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Literally all you have to do it is get in the pilot/gunner seat of any armed air vehicle.

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If you agree, put a note/comment! Show them that this isn't something that should be pushed aside! It's an easy fix and they have the opportunity to gain a lot by implementing it!

EDIT: Shoutout to my main man Adam for taking the plunge on this ticket and helping us all out!!

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Also, if you're going to downvote this, I'm going to assume that you feel like you know how to fix this problem without mods. Please do share as that information will make this ticket obsolete and eventually save my man Adam some time!

I dont know how to say,but yes it should be fixed if it really is that easy.If not then maybe fix this with a headtracking hud like for example the one in the apache. So you can see targets as small squares in the hud (vehicles as square and planes as triangles ). Than you could use the hud crosshair propely.

JTG added a comment.Jul 13 2015, 9:07 PM

@TheMasterofBlubb: I agree, but in my personal preference I (and again, like many others) believe that the crosshair is literally one of the simplest things that could be fixed in the entirety of the game. No experience or knowledge to back that statement up, but I feel as if it should literally be as easy as a }if...else statement in the coding.

Its assigned lets see what they do. What i would like to see is the HUD with a build in crosshair like in reallife. But a functioning HUD of the Jet see the middle of the piture would to great for the beginning

JTG added a comment.Aug 21 2015, 12:42 AM

What do you mean, "like in real life"? Do you mean an Active HUD such as the one that I'm asking to be decluttered? Or do you mean something along the lines of a HUD-like Visor system?

It's not about only crosshair. You can also see other Recruit helpers, even you are using Elite difficulty and have no pilot helmet.

JTG i mean the visor.
Some helmets have a attachment for AR so why not use it? In our time you dont really need a pilothelmet there are other ways to solve such a problem.

Would like to see this feature so much!
And if BI could make a proper hud for the MH-6 and AH-6...