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The AI action menu useful commands appear last, accessible only after browsing multiple pages of "take" commands
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Due to fixing issue number 0021747, the AI action menu was affected, causing all the available "Take" commands to appear first. Since the list is gradually added by weapons that become available all across the island, it becomes a nightmare to reach the desired AI action since all the useful ones appear at the end of the list. To illustrate, after playing a typical mission, you will probably have to browse through 12 pages of useless "take xxx" commands just to reach the useful AI commands such as "first aid", "rearm", "place explosive", "detonate explosive" etc.

Suggested remediation alternatives:

  1. revert the fix for the player menu (issue 21747) as it's not reasonable to render the AI action menu unusable just so the player won't have to scroll 3 or 4 options to "take" a weapon on the ground.
  2. Limit the ai action menu's "take" commands to items close to the AI unit. Weapons outside a 100 meters radius from the unit should NOT appear on the AI's action menu.
  3. Remove the "take" commands from the AI action menu completely.


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Access an AI action control menu (number 6) after playing any scenario that involve killing enemies, after those are killed and their weapons become available for taking.

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Upvoted. Even if BIS will improve the actions menu with the all "Take" commands, the AI will never use the raised from the ground weapon. Becase AI not will use new weapon:
BIS, in no hurry to solve this problem, so today, the command of "Take" does not make any sense(

"Weapons outside a 100 meters radius from the unit should NOT appear on the AI's action menu"
I think that the same weapons should not appear in the actions menu again and again. Today (v1.46), the player sees the same name of the weapon and this list is endless! In the list there should be only one name of a specific weapon and if the player select this weapon , the AI should take the closest to him weapon. Such a system could significantly reduce the list of commands in the actions menu

Mickeymen, although your suggestion preferable, I suppose it won't happen... That's why I focus on recommending simple solutions such as appear in the bug description.

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Available actions should be limited by the range. Only weapons in a radius of XXXm should be available for take. Same with doors.

Thank you for the report!

I really would do it little diferent. I see it this way;

  • every command of action [6] should depent of aim point when command is given, for example you aim at the doors and there is ONLY ONE "open doors" command available, you aim at the body with M16, command "take m16", "gear" appear. Same with mines ant other actions, BUT Action like "rearm", "heal", etc. should be available all the time. You know what i mean, right? It's not so hard for you, and it would make interface more friendly for users. Right now i'm using WW_AImenu and it have some of this functions (rearm for example - unit is going to nearest rearm point)

Player doesn't need the endless list of weapons in the action menu.
My ticket about this:

BIS, it is necessary to simplify the actions menu, and to deprive his infinite lists and of course to make this list, after the main useful commands (but not before), as suggested by @Variable. This will greatly simplify a player's life!

Two months this ticket cannot be implemented! BIS please fix this finally, it's an easy task.

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