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Increased amount of floating objects in near distances [MP]
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I see an increased amount of floating objects in distances that are not even THAT far (eg. my screenshot ~500m).
This occurs in multiplayer session such as Invade & Annex, or Battle Royale, etc.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Join a multiplayer session
  • watch objects such as sandbags etc, at a hillside at around 500+ meter range and see through/beneath it.
Additional Information

As you can see in this screenshot the video options were set relatively decent.
I set the server view distance of the server (can be set by each player individually by a script) to 1500m on foot.

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This is directly tied to your terrain detail setting. Even if your terrain detail is max, mission makers can override this setting with the setTerrainGrid command ( This isn't a bug, its more of a feature.

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I'm aware of the setTerrainGrid function of multiplayer. Still, this has not been much of an issue on medium ranges before the newest update rolled out.
I doubt that every serveradministrator changed their 'setTerrainGrid' alltogether.

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Ultra settings, Draw distance maxed, 5 FPS and problem still present.