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animals (agents) invisible (only shadow)
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some animals (agents) are invisible (goat etc..) only shadow are visible.


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spawn animals via script/zeus

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I only know, that animals and agents currently not able to move/anim but they are visible in SP and COOP. Zeus not tested.

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yes not able to move too. (look like simulation disabled)

Adam added a comment.May 6 2015, 9:45 AM

Hello, i'm unable to reproduce your issue. Could you please provide more info? Thank you.

Yes I have Invisible Sheep & Goats also. Oddly enough though It turns out to be the "CBA" mod for me. If that is not running they are fine.

Tested with placed module in editor & Zeus in game. Same results either way.

I got this problem today on the Reshmaan map. Just one BLUFOR unit laid down, went in as Zeus, and used Zeus module to create animals. Goats and sheep were invisible, but you could see their shadows as they walked around. Poultry hens were visible, but after walking around for a moment fell over on their beaks, simulation seemingly disabled. Active mods were CBA3, Alive, TFAR, RHS, Leights OPFOR.

It seems that the picked random texture for the goats / sheeps are not set globaly, only the machine that spawn the unit sees it.

the following fix the issue :
_unit setObjectTextureGlobal [_forEachIndex, _x];
} forEach (getObjectTextures _unit);