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On the free and flat ground, weapons without bipod can be deployed as if it has a bipod!
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I noticed that the button "DEPLOY WEAPON" has influence even on the weapon without a bipod on a flat surface! Thus the weapon without bipod, in the prone position (on a free and flat ground!), after deploying, behaves as if it has a invisible bipod! This ability has a limited in rotation and smaller recoil. This weapon will be deployed, even without a bipod.

I see three of stupidity:

  1. the weapon without bipods, can be deployed on the empty and flat surface
  2. the angle of roll has a narrow cone (no more than 35-40 degrees!)
  3. after installation, this weapon icon shows the player that the weapon mounted on the bipod, even if no bipod!

Please fix it. Weapons without bipod not should have the possibility to be deployed on a flat surface, as though this weapon has bipod. This is no possible in the real life/ {F26025} {F26026} {F26027} {F26028} {F26029}


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No Bug
Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Virtual Arsenal or Editor
  2. Use weapon without bipod
  3. Use prone position on the free and flat surface and use button "DEPLOY WEAPON"
  4. Get result. Any weapon without bipod, will deployed, even icon will show deploying on the bipod! Try use rotation, this deployment will have limited rotation, as if it has a bipod. What nonsense!
Additional Information

Please look Closely at the images, which I attached.
Please Answer me.
On what object may rely the weapon of player, if the player located on the empty and flat surface!?
In both cases we see a soldier who relies on the elbows!
Please understand finally, that to deploy the weapon in such a situation is IMPOSSIBLE! If the person in the prone position and this man has no bipod, then, he can deploy his weapons ONLY for their elbows.
What we see now in A3, this is crazy nonsense, deploying weapon, without bipod on the free and flat ground not should be in the simulator game!

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This is intentional and a very good feature...
Along with the new bipods they have also introduced weapon resting.

You can now rest your weapon on any surface just like you would in real life :-)

"This is intentional and a very good feature"

It may not be a good feature! probably you didn't understand me, because
my English is not good.
I'm not talking about diferent surfaces for sustained firing.
I speak only about free and flat surface and prone-position of the player!
Why the weapon without bipod responds to DEPLOY WEAPON button!?
This must not be, because the weapon without bipod CANNOT be deployed on a free and flat surface!
Also the icon indicates that the player uses a bipod, even if a player no has bipod.
BIS, please fix it, it's a small disaster!

Based on the steps to reproduce this you are reporting an intentional feature. In addition to going prone and being able to do this, you should be able to do it on any surface that is applicable while being in the prone, crouch, or standing stance most likely.

Sorry I've misunderstood you. I think the main problem, that we can't understand each other.
"you should be able to do it on any surface"
NO! Only on the flat and free surface. On the absolutely free ground!

Do you really not see the problem?
OMG! what else I can do to help you all understand me:/

Now the bipod doesn't make sense, because a weapon with a bipod and without bipod, has the same abilities!

Deploying a weapon without a bipod does not give you the full benefits of deployment, only having a bipod will. "Deploying" without a bipod is actually like pressing the gun into the nearest object (the ground, in this case) for support. It is an intentional feature.

deploying with bipods is more stable than deploying without bipods

you can try it in arsenal

Adam added a comment.Apr 10 2015, 9:57 AM

Deploying without bipod makes the gun more unstable then deploying it with a bipod.

Thank you for your feedback.





Adam added a comment.Apr 10 2015, 12:25 PM

Please refrain from using all Caps in your posts mickeymen. Thank you.

I will tell you honestly what I think.
Moderators. unfortunately you are not good working!
You close again and again and again NOT SOLVED problems and calling it "resolved"!
Before it was the same with these NOT RESOLVED my topics:

What the hell you close not resolved issues!?
I think, this is not best work...

Iceman added a subscriber: Iceman.May 8 2016, 11:53 AM

Hello mickeymen,
Adam is a developer, not moderator. Please avoid insulting BI Developers. I understand that not everything gets resolved as you wish, but please keep the notes civil. I will not tolerate insults from you side.

I'm not trying to insult you. I love you BIS!
If you CLOSE my topic, then explain the reason, because the author needs to understand this!
Only me an answer to my three questions:

Adam added a comment.Apr 10 2015, 5:15 PM

Regarding your questions

  1. When you deploy without a bipod your body position changes so you can support your weapon with your body better.
  1. Because as i stated above you need a posture so you can anticipate the recoil better. So that means limited rotation
  1. The icon shows if you are deployed or not.

Please refrain from using Caps Lock it doesnt get your point across and seems hostile. Thank you

Ok, my friend, I will refrain, because I don't want to seem hostile.
But you did not answer clearly one question!
I will try to be, very clear.

  1. You say -"When you deploy without a bipod" Stop! But deploying without a bipod, it is not possible in principle. On the empty and flat surface this is not possible. This is nonsense! To understand this, we need not be academic or finish Harvard University or to be a war veteran.

You offer to put the weapon on the ground? This position is on a flat surface is impossible due to the lack of vision.
Even if you think it's possible, then make special animation for this!
Today, the game has no animation of position soldier, when the weapon is on the free and flat ground! I think this animation would show the inability to shoot from such situation.
If the weapon is lying on the ground, the shooter can see the target ONLY being on the elevation.

  1. On the empty and flat ground, nothing could be the reason for limiting the rotation of the weapon! This is nonsense № 2.

To limit the rotation can only miscellaneous nearest objects or bipod, installed on the weapon! If the player has no nearest objects or bipod, then the rotation should not be limited! For understanding this we need not be academic or finish Harvard University again!

  1. The icon shows the bipod, even if the player no has bipod!

This is normal!? Ok, if you want to save the deployment of weapons without the bipod (that is not realistic!), then BIS should add a NEW ICON, without bipod. An icon shows the inaccuracy, but you continue to argue with me!

BIS, I love you, but sorry you are not right by 100%

I'd like to address your points.

1.Deploying is 100% possible by using your hand as a resting point. This is what your seeing done when you deploy without a bipod.

  1. The limitation from rotation comes from the pivot point which is your hand essentially. No matter if it is a bipod or your hand, any pivot point will have max 180* turning radius.
  1. The icon is mean to be representative of you weapon/characters deployment status. To make separate icons for the 2 different forms of deployment does not make sense since you are not changing what the icon is representing.

I was in the US Army for a short time and deploying your weapon upon your hand is a standard when possible to do so. If I have an H-Barrier in front of me I will rest my hand on the barrier palm up and then hold onto the rifle while still leaving my hand firmly on the barrier. This creates a pivot point on the back of your hand which is touching the barrier.

This really does not need to be explained everything BI has done is realistic and straight forward. Your assessment of the feature is overly critical and your argument you say is based on reality, when in fact it isn't. I think you are looking at the word "deploy" and directly associating it with bipods when they are not necessarily always tied to each other. You "deploy" a mortar system, yet it has no bipods.

Anyways man I think you are being over critical on something you don't fully understand.

@Mattastic, I really appreciate your experience. But I'm surprised that you support the inaccuracies in the game-simulator! Even arcade games such as Battlefield and COD are more truthful in respect of the deploying of weapons. At the time, I stopped playing Battlefield 3, but I remember that there work with bipod was excellent!
Such issues are not excusable for ARMA, because the creators of ARMA trying to make a simulator.

  1. You say - "possible by using your hand as a resting point." You say that as if it didn't happen before! But the player has already used his hand before as a resting point (in the prone position), it was before DLC Marsmenen! Then now, why need add a special button and special action for this!?

The deploying of any weapons(with bipod and without bipod) on the flat and empty surface, destroys the uniqueness of the bipods in the game!

  1. You say - "max 180* turning radius."

But do not you see what how narrow limitation in the game!?
BIS offers only a narrow cone, approximately 35-40 degree rotation, no more!!! Why you don't see it? This is nonsense! I hope you feel the difference between 180 and 35-40 degree.

  1. The player does not always understand the situation, if this player plays ONLY in first person! For example, I play only in first person and I have to understand exactly the situation.

If the icon is lying to me, then I don't like it. This should not like any of the players!
The icon should not lie to the player and show the presence of a bipod, if the player has no bipod!
The accuracy in the game should not have the last value.

Just think about it.

PS: I think, even if BIS want to save the deployment of weapons(without the bipod) on the free and flat ground, then BIS should:

  1. add a NEW ICON, without bipod
  2. remove the limited rotation

I think this is a dialogue more appropriate for the forums. You should express your thoughts there. When I said 180 degrees i'm simply talking about the range of motion in real life. Physically speaking you could not have any more without re deploying your bipod or moving your position There could be a bit of improvement to the range you have in game, but it's better than nothing. Again I still think you have a very narrow understanding of the word deploy and how it relates to weapons and the military in general. No form of the word "deploy", whether you are using it as a noun or verb, specifically refers to bipods. Anyways like I said I think this conversation should be done on the forums rather than the bug tracker, because this really isn't a bug.

But it is only your subjective opinion...

If I deploy the weapon without the bipod, and after this I again deploy the weapon, but already with the bipod, I don't see any difference!
Both weapons are the same way! Both weapons are one rotation point and one angle of rotation. Both weapons have the same recoil.
Then why the bipod in the game? BIS can remove them, because they not necessary! Any weapon without bipod can be deployed on the ground.

If you really tell the difference between with or w/o bipod, you will know they both do have apparent difference.

  1. With bipod when you deploy your weapon turns out minimum weapon sway.
  2. Without bipod turns out more weapon sway.

Check it carefully before reporting.

Yes, I noticed that the recoil is a little different, but during the fight, the difference is not felt clearly! because this difference is insignificant. It can be noticed only in the virtual Arsenal.
In any case, we still have the same angle of rotation and the rotation point.

Friends. everyone who argues with me, look Closely at the images, which I attached.
Please Answer me.
On what object may rely the weapon, if the soldier is on empty and flat surface!?
In both cases we see a soldier who relies on the elbows!
Please look at the pictures and understand finally, that to deploy the weapon in such a situation is IMPOSSIBLE!
If the person in the prone position and the man has no bipod, then he can deploy his weapons ONLY for their elbows!
What we see now in Arma, this is crazy nonsense, which should not be in the simulator game

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 8 2016, 11:53 AM

Not here to fuel a fire, but where on earth anyone got the idea that A3 is a simulator? Nowhere I have seen any dev saying that it was, yet many times i've seen them state that it is a game, not a sim.

Back to ticket, this is just nitpicky and absurd to me, and there isn't even a issue here.

I still can't wrap my head around what is supposed to be the problem, deploying a weapon even without a bibod makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, BIS only breaks simulator.

If we can assume, that the soldier places the weapon on a magazin, then
the magazin has not the same length at each weapon. Please note this!
Some rifles without bulging of magazin in general!
What we see in the game? See screenshots.
In both cases, the soldier rests on the his elbows and nothing else!
Also the height of the weapon does not change, depending on the length of the magazine or personal weapons. Thus we have invisible bipod!
All the same...

Do you want BIS to add animation for every single different weapon in game just because the magazine doesn't really hit the ground? Because That's massive amount of work.

I recall bracing my BB-gun on my elbows always when I was shooting it on a field laying down.
Btw, how can one break a sim if it never was one?

Koala added a subscriber: Koala.May 8 2016, 11:53 AM

Maybe the developers should make following (realistic) change:

If you just lay down on the ground, you can't precisely aim your weapon. The prone stance should more become a cover position. In that position you are able to turn, crawl and roll (evade) around.

If you now want to aim and shoot, you have to deploy your weapon, what gives you a limitation of turning movement (like we have it now in the deployment state).

The big nonsense at the moment is, if you simply lay down, you can lift your weapon nearly straight upwards to the sky (with a hollow back). That is phyically not possible with a rifle (too heavy).

How about that? I mean, it's a realistic solution from my point of view.

Dupe of #23567.