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Marksmen DLC: ASP-1 Kir very inaccurate
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It's almost impossible to hit a target at 600m (max. zeroing) with the ASP-1.

This inaccuracy also shows at closer distances.


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Use an ASP-1 Kir in VR to hit a target at approx. 600m.

Also, try to hit targets with the scope at less distance.

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The ballistic arc suggests its a recoilless rifle, which is fine for a really silent (sniper?) rifle, but it should probably be accurate within the the low specs of 600m, else you're better off with a silenced MX.

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Record video please. For me ASP-1 Kir is okay. Maybe you forgot about zeroing ? //Sorry for my bad english.

KIR is good and accurate.

I dont know what some people expect from a suppressed fiddy cal...


Maybe it's just me, but 1 out of 10 shots in average is not very good. And it's certainly not zeroing, since you can see the wide lateral dispersal of the bullets too.

I am also having this same issue with proper zeroing. If this is the intended effect, modern suppressors have no effect on the ballistics.

ASP-1 is meant to be used only in close range - not above 500-600m because of ballistics , sure you can hit someone with it in that range but you won't get a flat accuracy from it

more info here >

also the 12.7x54mm isn't 12.7x99mm aka .50 cal BMG which M82 uses

Ballistics on ASP-1 are broken:

Skip to 5:15 to really see the problem, I've never seen or know of a round that has that much arc and low velocity

Adam added a comment.Mar 30 2015, 10:55 AM

Hey there Fireball and Thank you for your ticket.

As RobertHammer stated the ASP-1 is meant to be used at close range upwards to 400 meters. I'm sorry but this is not an issue.

Adam, alright, I can live with that, but why allow zeroing up to 600m? Ah well, screw it.

Why silenced PDW have much better accuracy then this "sniper" silenced weapon?
bots test result - PDW always win....

Upvoted, this rifle can be used from 250-300m so like i see 400 meters its a little.... downgraded

What kind of a marksman rifle is intended for close range up to 400m? Even the MX rifle's are accurate up to 600m.

Well, it's a recoilless rifle which uses a 12.7mm projectile. Not sure of the purpose of this weapon as it is even too weak to penetrate (vehicle) armor.

You could say it can be used to silently punch big holes through a human body at close(r) ranges. You can also punch big holes with a .45 magnum, but that one will make a lot of noise.

Also in contrary to a PDW (which also could be silenced), with which you punch many small holes into a body, and is probably similarly effective at close combat, but maybe not at 100-400m - at least not by the amount of rounds required to kill someone.

So there you have it - guess that's how you have to think of that rifle.

Dont take KIR. take PDW. its more powerfull because no misses to target on 200 meters.

Look to realistic special subsonic ammo accuracy. they hit cigarette from 100 meters)

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 8 2016, 11:46 AM

ASP:s ammo is larger than in Vintorez or Val so it really shouldn't mimic them.
Last time I tested it had bad accuracy, but the rest of it made sense.

I see it like a cannonball, low velocity and has big ballistic arc because of its weight, but it hits always hard.

Yet more proof Mil turrets would be better in arma.

The effective range should be 500m-600m since there is a similar gun called the VKS 12.7mm with subsonic ammo that could shoot up to 600m.

Enable bullet tracking and you will see why you cant use tke KIR at further distances and why it gets so in accurate.

And never forget ASP KIR-1 is not what BF kiddies think of a sniper rifle. Every one wants a completly silent weapon for stealth missions and now they are complaining about a completly silenced rifle with subsonic ammunition. I used the KIR for a 2 man stealth squad. Fine PvP infiltrated base and killed 30% of the guards with out Alarm.

The effective range should be 500m-600m since there is a similar gun called the VKS 12.7mm with subsonic ammo that could shoot up to 600m.

Russian "effective range" is pure marketing, effective range for AK-47 is stated to be 1000m - obviously bullshit.

Cannot agree its the term of the idea of "effective range". Its the distance in what the bullet can kill or do a decent amount of damage with a amount of precision. A G36 has a scope until 800m the bullet goes 2800m. HK said effective range is 500 because its almost impossible to hit some one with that scope on 800m. Its more surpressive fire. AK 47 can zero on 1000m. The bullet should go i think 4km. So everything between 50 and 1000m is where the effective range is. BTW Standart pistols(9x19mm) have the effective range of 50m... try to hit someone with the iron sight in real life. Not impossible just difficult. Same for AK47 and G36 it only needs a decent amount of bullets to get a hit.