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New DLC-Weapon ASP-1 Kir Zeroing Failure
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The Zeroing on that Weapon is not Correct.
If you put a Sniperoptic on zeroing is 500. put zeroing down to 300, aim and shoot a target at 300m, you will see, that the zeroing of this weapon is way to far! there is no chance to take a clear shot.


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in arsenal take KIR and a Sniperscope. Aim a target in some range, try to zero on target and shoot.

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Using any long range sight on this weapon will break the zeroing of the weapon. +1

After extensive testing with many mid to long range optics, there is a complete lack of consistency or predictability for this weapon. Definite +1

nothing changed here!

Don't use any Long Range Sniper scopes like AMS ,Kahilia or LRPS

these won't work properly because they are calibrated to other Marksmen weapons , not for Kir

Why implement a new weapon caliber 12.7 in "MARKSMAN-DLC" and u cant use Sniper-Scopes?
SOS (MOS) isnt working too...
PLS BI fix

THX RH for Reply and ur Mods

A Downvote? Realy?

Vitdom added a subscriber: Vitdom.May 8 2016, 11:39 AM
Vitdom added a comment.Apr 1 2015, 8:27 PM

Tested this today on the latest Release Candidate of 1.42 and my shots hit perfectly at both 500 and 300 m range when zeroed with any Sniper-optics scope using the ASP-1 Kir.

maybe fixed in RC...But not in DEV

tested in rc.
its NOT working...

@Vitdom: dont know what u´ve tested...

Peter added a subscriber: Peter.May 8 2016, 11:39 AM
Peter added a comment.Apr 1 2015, 9:32 PM

Not working

tested it in every branch (Dev+RC).
the range is max 200m.

the rco and arco arent working too. cause they are zeroed to 300m fix.

u have to use a scope with zero max 200m! thats a joke for a 12.7 caliber weapon...
the mx with AMS got better results.

BI pls add more range/accuracy for this great weapon! if it stays on 200m range its useless!

Dev Version: 1.43.130012
With optic 'kahlia' zeroing 300m hitting a target at 300m that almost every shot could drop target down.
With optic 'MOS' same as above
With optic 'RCO' zeroing 300m on its default hitting a target at 300m ( aimed at his shoulder) often miss, after a few shots it hit the target.
With optic 'ARCO ' same as above

Here is ticket talking same as your issue.

As RobertHammer stated the ASP-1 is meant to be used at close range upwards to 400 meters.
So it is intended.

tested again.
yes u r hitting at 300m with dms zeroed to 300. but u arent able to hit somthing with arco less then 300m. arco is zeroed to 300 (main and 2nd sight), but a target at 150 or 200m arent able to the way rco main zero is 300 and 2nd is 100m.

this weapon is a joke for this dlc...sry

the only way u hitting something is to use ironsight or put a holo on...very nice!

In order to hit the target below 200m you should aim lower, would not often miss.
We should not expect such a suppressed weapon to be very accurate especially in long range, at least it's a silent marksman rifle, one shot one kill.

The KIR is a great weaponand i like the idea but in its current state its a joke

Vitdom added a comment.Apr 3 2015, 2:23 AM

Perhaps you are meaning that statically-zeroed optics don't have dynamic visual zeroing, adjusted to the newly added feature called "Init speeds"? Because I can zero in the ASP-1 Kir with any adjustable zeroing optics sight with 100% reliability.

If so, the issue you are experiencing is not about the ASP-1 Kir specifically. We need further integration of the new "Init speeds" feature into the optics sights in Arma 3.

How initspeed works in the optics sights?

example: in arsenal!

take mx with rco. zero fix at 300m. aim at head of 100m-target. Headshot!

take kir with rco. zero fix at 300m. aim at head of 100m-target. MISS!

oomwar added a subscriber: oomwar.May 8 2016, 11:39 AM

dev branch as of 4/4/2015

it would appear this sniper is a subsonic variant based on the VSS Vintorez. as such, it would have the same bullet drop characteristic as the thread cutter. since mid to long range scopes are based on supersonic bullet flight, the large scopes are quite useless for this gun. they simply need to import the scope used in ARMA 2 for the VSS and attach it to this gun for proper aiming/zeroing.

oomwar you might help the devs a lot to think what scope should fit the Kir.

Scopes no needed for this "accuracy" "rifle" (shotgun with slug). This shotgun can miss 300mm on 200 meters.))))

a downvote? thx bro...

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 8 2016, 11:39 AM
oggoeg added a comment.Apr 6 2015, 1:23 PM

Anyone notice how SMG:s do not work with long range optics? It is intended.
ASP:s bullet is like a cannonball. Do not use any other optic that isn't zeroed to 100m or 200m.

Recommended long(er) range optics are , and

If you use default CSAT recon pathfinder class, you can see that ASP is fitted with Nighstalker by default and the zeroing works.

Ultimately DMS is the best option. It even has russian style chevrons for easier bullet drop compensation. :)

Long story short, you just don't slap any optic to this weapon just like SMG:s
Everything here is working as intended. ASP just isn't a long range rifle as is stated by developers "We wanted something special with extreme hits, a low range, and built-in silencer".

PS. Downvoted for not being a problem

To oomwar :) DMS is quite near the real deal :)

EDIT: SOS sight (the name has changed) is now set to minimum of 300m so it doesn't fit ASP anymore.

Peter added a comment.Apr 6 2015, 9:23 PM

SOS has been changed into MOS I guess. Anyways thanks for the clarification. I find out that the cartridge that the weapon use is 12,7 x 54mm that means the cartridge is small compared with the NATO/CSAT original. 50 cal. This reduced power make it more easier to silence. That could also explain the lower accuracy on distance of the weapon.

oomwar added a comment.Apr 8 2015, 2:57 PM

to oggoeg,

the PSO scope is designed to work with the AK107 which still fires a supersonic round. the VSS Ventorez scope

is designed for subsonic rounds. the chevrons on the scope used by the thread cutter has dramatically larger bullet drop compensation due to sub-sonic flight characteristics. same flight characteristics would apply to the ASP-1 since it also fires a sub-sonic round. so the scope would be a natural fit for that gun as well.

Goose added a subscriber: Goose.May 8 2016, 11:39 AM
Goose added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 5:13 AM

Simple fix, they just need to put maxZeroing to a lower level, so if you put SOS on this rifle it will only zero 200 m or whatever. The round is subsonic.

Quote @oomwar: "the chevrons on the scope used by the thread cutter has dramatically larger bullet drop compensation due to sub-sonic flight characteristics"

That's only in ARMA 2. The real VSS scope does not have those bullet drop compensation chevrons like the SVD. It only has the center chevron. Instead it has very precise "zeroing" (many small range graduations on elevation turret)

Edit: here is how the real VSS reticle appears:

It is not due to the zeroing, it is due to the round being subsonic.

The less velocity a round has in Arma, the less effective a "zero compensation" will be. For example, a supersonic round will travel farther than what the zero is set for with some additional drop - noticeable esp. at lets say 300m zeroing.

The way it is simulated, both bullet drop and zeroing, a round with too little speed (like that 12.7x54 or the .45 Vermin), the zeroing will be only correct spot on, a 300 zeroing will be overly low for 350m and overly high for 200m and 100m shots.

Took me 5 secs to figure out why this weapon won't work on moving targets at all, without precise zeroring. A true sniper weapon.

The 338 although, I can use it for CQB as well with a standard 300m zeroing. But the 12.7 will hit 3 feet too high at 300m zeroing @ CQB

*edit* But being a marksman weapon, that's projectiles take 3 seconds to travel 500m towards target, and impacts way off sight 90% of the time, it is too hard to use effectively at the moment so I vote a "YES", give us 2 different ammo types. Like Arma 1 and 2. Subsonic and Supersonic.

The whole entire point of the round is to be subsonic and quiet.

Giving the weapon a super sonic round to make it easier to shoot would defeat the entire purpose of the gun.

Issues like this is exactly why Arma needs to remove the 100m elevation adjustments.

Arma needs mil turrets it would prevent any issues with incorrect elevation adjustments and would also be more versatile.

Kir's dispersion makes it even worse than actually is

with less dispersion the kir is a decent rifle with 1 shot kill , under 600m of course

I agree on robert about the bad dispersion. But why on earth would anyone try to shoot this gun over 300m. It takes ages to hit target's that far.

The gun's description says it has short range :o

I've fooled around quite a bit with this gun and it's very powerful in short ranges and maybe the best tool in urban environment.


coincidentally, the VSS Vintorez scope would also work well for the vermin since the 45 caliber bullet used in that gun is naturally subsonic :D

but i have to disagree with a choice between supersonic and subsonic rounds for that gun. there is already a supersonic .50 cal gun in the game. this gun is special because it is in fact subsonic.

the issue here is the bullet drop and the proper scope that compensate for that bullet drop. not the bullet itself. as a supersonic 50 cal, it would have extremely poor accuracy performance due to the relative short barrel length