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SOS, DMS and Nightstalker backup sights retain the screen blur from the main sight part2
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There's a new issue with these backup sights on SOS, DMS and Nightstalker they still have the blur from the main sight even if they use opticsPPEffects[] = {""};

It only works when the backup sight isn't inherited from main sight

Tested in ArmA 3 dev version - 1.39.128921


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip a weapon with SOS, DMS or with Nightstalker scope
  2. Switch to backup sight
  3. Aim with it
  4. Notice the blur when aiming with the backup sight

Additional Information

Almost the same issue as these tickets but those were fixed by config

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thank you for the report. Could you please upload a short video showing the problem? I cannot reproduce it. Thank you very much.

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Tested in stable:
The blur effect disappears after exiting the reflex sight view (that's ok). It disappears after "one use" though and returns only when entering long range optics and then switching to collimator. Then the blur can be seen in both the reflex sight and the scope, using the switch optics key. But it will disappear again if the reflex sight view is exited. The current set up is inconsistent and I'm not sure if it is intended to have blur in both optics and to have it disappear.

@Iceman - it's very easy to reproduce like this:

Use for example the DMS scope - firstly use the main scope view(don't exit the scope view) then switch to red dot view and now you can see the blur

but when you exit the red dot view and come back then there's no blur

Same thing is on SOS and on Nightstalker

Issue is still valid

Issue still valid and still killing eye sights.

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Still valid after 2.0.146733 update

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Profiling build v4, today or tomorrow or early next week

Fixed in 2.00.147241