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Rotorlib helicopters explode when engineOn true; command is used (DEV 127928)
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Helicopter explodes a few seconds after entering when "remote" started by engineOn command.


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce

1.Mission editor (single player)
2.Place M-900 on ground
3.Init field: this engineon true
4.Place player unit: rifleman "B_Soldier_F",
5.preview mission
6.*M-900 Spools up*
7.Get in M-900 as pilot
8.Enjoy Lag

(sleep 1-6;)

9.Boom goes the dynamite

Additional Information

Mission Workshop file:

Problem does not occur when player is inactive co-pilot or passenger.
As soon as co-pilot takes control, lag, BOOM.

Using action command has the same behaviour: player action ["engineON", heli];

setStarterRTD from Take on Helicopters is non functional for this purpose. No reliable way to start a M-900, at least, remotely

Tested on Huron and Taru. Same Issue. Mission Updated

Only occurs on Rotorlib. Simple flight model has no issues.

Same thing happens when you start heli in simple flight model. Then while running, switch to Rotorlib.

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it looks fixed in devBranch 1.35.128021

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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