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WeaponDisassembled event doesn't fire if static weapon is not local
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Self-explanatory. {F25021}


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Attached repro mission for dedicated server.

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The issue is still an issue. What's more when weapon is remote and gets disassembled and assembled back and disassembled again, EH still doesnt fire.

Strangely WeaponAssembled EH does trigger, but as ticket says the mortar disappears after 10 or more seconds

should be fixed since DEV 131019

weapon doesn't disappear any more, but when weapon is remote WeaponDisassembled EH still never triggers

There is also another bug with duped weapon backpack

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Gippo added a comment.Jul 13 2015, 4:12 AM

1.48 RC - EH still not triggers if object is not local

1.48 Stable. The issue is assigned but still not fixed. How sad...

This should be fixed in today's dev, could anyone confirm?

Gippo added a comment.Dec 8 2015, 8:12 PM

No idea, cannot join my dedicated server :D

edit: got it working, yup, it is fixed :)