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The black Mi-290 Taru seen in the public Helicopters DLC announcement is missing
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The summary pretty much summarizes everything. {F25017} {F25018}


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It is not missing, if you read the changelog it says they are only accessible via scripting.

DenisP added a subscriber: DenisP.May 7 2016, 7:40 PM

oh.... I didn't know that. Not good with scripting. =/

Busy ATM, but can someone post the script needed to achieve this so that this issue can be closed?

Peter added a comment.Oct 23 2014, 7:00 AM

I dont understand why they add the helos only via scripting, its the same with the black models of the hummingbird.

They (by which I mean one of the devs) said they excluded the black variants from the unit list to avoid clogging it up with dozens of Taru variants. Insert the following into the init field of the Taru paint it black:

null = [this] execVM "\a3\Air_F_Heli\Heli_Transport_04\Scripts\Heli_Transport_04_basic_black.sqf"

I suppose it would be easier to add the black variant to the vehicles list once they've figured out how to make the mission pods attachable.

That being said, what is the code for the black versions of the Hummingbird and Pawnee? I have to admit thought, it's strange that they would add the separate versions of the Ghost Hawk, but not the other helicopters.

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If they exclude it to avoid filling up the list with different variants, then they should either change the menu layout, or at least add a tooltip when you hover over the Taru menu entry, which tells you that you can access the other variants through a script command.

Kind Regard

@Denis P

When they get the pods attachable that would be great. Although I dought that they would change the menu layout. (it would be nice though)

Oh, and here is your script for a black MH9/AH9:

   this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"A3\Air_F\Heli_Light_01\Data\heli_light_01_ext_ion_co.paa"];

Btw: You should write them all down into a text editor and save them. (I have a huge collection of scripts saved^^)

Seems to come up with Missing ; when I try to execute that command.

Have you written it into the init-field of the helicopter you have placed?

Normally that command should work fine if you only have that script in the init-field.

Tip: always put a ; behind every script if you write another one after it.

@SilverDude Thanks for the black MH9 variant. Where can I get that info from? Can you provide me with your libraries txt?

Yeah, sure. This is actually not a forum, but I will put it in and later the devs should delete this. This ticket is actually already closed and is just using up space.

I hope you can understand what I have written down. Just try them out. Some descriptions are missing since I have not tested them yet.

Peter added a comment.Oct 25 2014, 1:25 AM

@SilverDude thanks mate. You cannot believe in how many threads I was looking and searching for that scripts.
Many thanks!!

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