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Dead units cannot be removed from helicopter
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deadunit action ["eject", vehicle deadunit]


moveout deadunit or deadunit action ["GetOut", vehicle deadunit]



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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

spawn heli and ai named bob

bob moveinany heli;
bob setdamage 1;
bob action ["eject", heli]

doesnt work

moveout bob

doesnt work

bob action ["GetOut", heli]

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A setPosATL (or setPosASL) with a postion outside the vehicle object should work for removing dead units from a vehicle.

Don't think dead units should be able to perform actions. But moveOut should work.

@caliban55 thanks for the tip, but as mulledk said, at least moveout should work.

there must be something that will make this work because having another unit enter will usually kick the unit out anyway.
Or is that a physx ragdoll effect that causes that to happen?
I see from a related-to fbt issue that it stops units entering also.

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Still an issue in multiplayer :)

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@Azeh how are you removing them in multiplayer?

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@BIS_fnc_KK moveOut. Same as in the repro steps. It works fine in singleplayer.

alt syntax
soldier moveOut vehicle
should remove dead bodies

Revision: 147802

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