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AV camera viewdistance is always 500 whatever the player viewdistance
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Set view distance to 2000m. Fly a drone and look at a point at ~1000m away through the gunner turret. Now open AV camera (the small PiP window) and you see nothing (only fog) because the view distance appears to be set by default to 500m.

The AV camera should inherit the user defined view distance. {F24746} {F24747}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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yessss please, I've complained about similar things in my UAV suggestion


It's based on your PIP Quality.

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Thanks TakeHomeTheCup, I switched PiP Quality to Ultra in Video settings and I immediately have a good quality (no distance fog) but when drone turret is at 1000m from target the PiP view starts to have more distance fog than the drone turret. It looks like there is still a difference between the viewdistance of drone turret and the viewdistance of PiP camera (at least around 1000m).

So can these 2 viewdistances be made the same for drone turret and PiP view?

arma 3 PIP sucks, end of story

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Closed a subject??? What in it not so? I think Army3 have no prospect of the solution of a question of productivity. Excuse for criticism. But it is the fact, to ignore
"2569 vote" in a subject

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There goes 3 years, and nothing changes...

They really want my money with those DLCs, but they lost my thrust because of those simple mistakes....

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The same question is in my ticket. The lack of a solution was associated with the fall of FPS. But I could not see a significant drop in FPS in the tests.

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@thanos17997 What did you want to offer, I did not understand why the link to the OS panel?

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