PIP + Quality of PIP and influence on productivity of system. The landscape in the PIP window does not influence FPS.
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My address of http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24256#c93579 was closed.
The reason - loss of productivity of system. I checked how quality of the picture in the PIP window influences productivity. Inclusion of the PIP window reduces FPS on 8-9 units. I direct the Darter camera on a landscape. I fix different distances and landscapes. I fix a chamber on distance to 1500 meters. On the PIP screen I receive images of different quality. There are images with good details of a landscape. I fix a chamber on distance from 1500 to 3000 meters. I receive the image of a chamber in PIP of poor quality. In the PIP window there is a lot of fog, a landscape it is not visible. FPS from quality of the picture of a landscape in the PIP window does not change. Productivity is influenced only by inclusion of the PIP window of a chamber of the UAV. Specification of a landscape in the PIP window does not influence FPS. The question - why to the PIP window fog at distance of a chamber of the UAV is higher than 1500 meters?


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Arma3 1.72\Arma3DEV 1.73
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Open the editor.
Take an UAV orerator.
Mission start.
Assemble the UAV.
Lift the UAV on any height.
Include the chamber PIP window. Falling of FPS on 7-9 units is noticeable.
Take over control of an UAV chamber.
Direct a chamber on a landscape. Fix different positions. Receive different pictures in the PIP window. FPS does not change.
Change of contents of the PIP window - size FPS constant.

Additional Information

Fighting situation. It is necessary to observe the opponent's position. AI will find the UAV independently at distance to 1000 meters. AI will attack the UAV at distance more than 1500 meters, on detection and team of the player.
It is possible to keep the UAV if not to come nearer to the opponent closer than 1500-2000 meters. The UAV means it is necessary to lift higher than 1000 meters. In such conditions I in PIP window will see only fog.
Why to me in this quality of PIP window of a chamber of the UAV? I am compelled to take over always control of an UAV chamber, for assessment of the situation on the opponent's position.

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It is so difficult, to clean fog from PIP? Where fog isn't present, all in fog.
When I look at very close distance, it doesn't make a problem.

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In the PIP screen there is a Fog when in the camera of the UAV it isn't present. Fog size on the PIP screen is higher than fog size on a district map.

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I will just mention Adams answer from your previous ticket.
Hello, this is not an issue due to fact that if the draw distance was bigger it would hit the performance quite a bit. Thank you for your ticket!

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About what productivity conversation?
Fog in the PIP screen. There is no productivity difference, close I look the camera (the picture without fog) or I look far the camera (there where fog appeared in PIP) fog isn't present on a place in the direct review.
Fog in PIP at distance of the review of 1500 meters. In the direct review fog on the district is visible at distance of 2500-3000 meters.
You watch video, there all is well visible.

The point is PIP has its own view distance. Regardless of your set view distance. Like adam said its currently not a topic for a discussion since its a performance decision.

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Hello @Lex,

thank you for the feedback.

And as @TheMasterofBlubb said, PIP (LiveFeed and so on). have their own graphical settings (Options > Video > PIP) with a preset View Distance different from what player has selected.
Also please do not mistake Drone camera view with PIP.
Controlling UAV - normal view
Live Feed - PIP

As for the productivity, if I get it right you experienced a drop of 8-9 FPS when using PIP on Ultra, which is not a small amount.

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I have no productivity question, and there is no FPS problem in this ticket.
PIP settings for the ultra. Fog (Dust, clouds, milk) on the PIP screen.
I fix the UAV camera on the purpose in 1,5 kilometers, there is no smoke (fog). In the camera all is well visible. When I need to move forward to the purpose I turn on the PIP screen. In the PIP screen a smoke (fog), I can't control a state and movement of the purpose in PIP.
It is possible to put forward the UAV closer to the purpose, but a high probability it will be brought down.
Very strange decision on use of the PIP UAV. Why to limit visibility distance in PIP.
At distance 1 kilometer to the purpose, in PIP isn't present a smoke. All is well visible.
It doesn't cause any problem in game.

Inclusion of the PIP window reduces FPS on 8-9 units.

Sorry if I got it wrong but it seems you have described a drop in FPS when using the PIP, and drop of 9 FPS is not exactly small.

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This short falling with restoration on former FPS. For this reason, I renewed the ticket. I don't see critical falling of FPS. As falling of FPS isn't present, why to limit a review distance in PIP. Why not to make the review in PIP at the level of the general review.

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Remove the fog from the chamber window.
In any setting, the general visibility, PIP window will show the fog at a distance of 1500 meters.
Create a new ticket for Arma3 64bit, or have the opportunity to return to this revision?

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No promises, this ticket was reopened only for the time being as the issue might be looked into. The FPS drops that are linked with the PiP usage are still valid.

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On the video. I put four UAVs. Cameras sent to one object.
The distance from the UAV to the object is different. I could see in the PIP window, the same object, in different image quality.
There is a drop in FPS when the PIP camera window is active. But the fall of FPS is the same everywhere. It does not depend what kind of picture quality I see in PIP. The fog does not reduce the fall of FPS and the absence of fog does not increase the FPS drop. I do not understand why you can not remove fog from the PIP window? Make the range of visibility in the PIP window equal to the overall visibility in the game.

Based on testing done 5 minutes ago, the approximate view distances for different PiP settings are as follows:
Low: 300m
Medium: 400m
High: 600m
Very High: 1000m
Ultra: 1500m

I really think that increasing the draw distance for PiP UAV/jet cameras is an important issue for those who want to get the most out of the new DLC features. Those of us with higher-end machines would greatly appreciate a tweak of these draw distance values - this is crazy, but maybe a new "Max" option for PiP quality that would couple the PiP draw distance to the overall draw distance? Or even changing the PiP draw distances from constants to different percentages of the overall draw distance?


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This video demonstrates that the FPS does not depend on the distance at which the camera is shot. FPS does not depend on how the distance varies and fog appears in the PIP window. I hope this will affect the decision of this ticket.

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Make in DEV 1.73. It is necessary to try it.

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